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  1. Lots of number waving around here. At the end of the day you should be using the browser that suits your browsing/work habits the best. No point in having one that is blazingly fast but missing all the features you require to do your job. The difference of a few hundred points here or there I don't think makes any difference to anyone apart from those that want to say "hey look at me, my number is bigger!!"
  2. Use Retro mode. Hopefully it will get fixed at some stage and you can go back to using Ultra mode then.
  3. 7twenty

    ad ,popup

    add *.js to the rules. It should get rid of most of the popups.
  4. Mist001 replied at 2014-12-19 03:36 Yeah but remember, this has only happened with the latest version which indicates a problem with ... If the problem is as big as you state then it should be happening to more people. As of now you are the only one that's reported it, so it's hard to try and figure out what the cause is. I have never seen that message for example apart from when you posted about. I would hope that smilefly should be able to pickup where the message is coming from seeing as the dev's should know what the message is for.
  5. 30114452 replied at 2014-12-18 09:22 The correct way to fix such a problem is to go into you c:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash within th ... That's the second time you've offered that same suggestion even after it was noted in the link you provided that it isn't required (which you also acknowledged). The method that magg provided is (as far as i'm aware) the widely accepted - and simplest -solution to the issue.
  6. Test link #1 shows the error. Test link #2 works properly. The link in the post from the top of the page also works correctly. The box it was displayed in didn't adjust size no matter how big/small MX was sized. Text was always displayed correctly. It's strange that some words are affected and not others, at least on my system. My system is set to use English and Unicode UTF-8 encoding if that has anything to with it. Might be language settings related?
  7. and some of the Extension doesn't appear on the left sidebar , such as the Mouse unfreeze and few moreCan't find any extension with that name, but all the right click enabling extensions don't add a button to the sidebar, only the toolbar. That's the way they were designed. Older versions (up to about 4.4.2) forced extensions to be placed in the sidebar even if they were coded to be placed on the toolbar. That is probably the cause. This can be changed by modifying the extension. And now the QUickAccess got no thumbnail pictures? If i want the thumbnail picture, how to do it?As stated in the above post. You should be aware that any site that is part of the selection list (accessed by pressing the + on a tile) won't get a screenshot, but just a logo placeholder instead. See an ongoing discussion here. @Beso_910, maybe you can remind your bosses about this issue (again).
  8. Ungrouping shouldn't lose the links, they should just become normal sized boxes instead. Check the following pages. There are 3 sizes of boxes available. The smaller and larger ones can only be used by creating a website mosiac: Click + on a tile > Apps > Website Mosiac You can then add sites to that Mosaic tile by drag/dropping other tiles to it, or using the + option. You can have 4 mid sized, 1 large & 5 small or 9 small ones.
  9. It's linked via the LastPass.com website, so there's a fair chance it was created by them. More to the point if they're ok with pointing people to it I think it's fair to say that it's safe. I can't imagine they'd be linking to some random extension made by a third party that they haven't vetted themselves.
  10. Not at this time unfortunately. And apparently it won't happen as Maxthon doesn't have the API support to make it happen. See here for details. The dev's are working with the AdBlock team to get a version of AdBlock to Maxthon. If enough people make noise about Ghostery the same might happen.
  11. tony. replied at 2014-12-15 08:08 works fine on some sites - not on here though Just tested the 2 extensions with the green icons. They both work, but as .tony said, only on certain sites. I can't remember who mentioned this (may have been SWFflash0), but extensions are disabled on all maxthon sites, so extensions/skins/forum/main website etc. To test you need to be on another site and have to refresh the page so the script gets loaded. With that said, i think the scripts are somewhat useless given it's easier just to use a gesture, but i'm sure someone might have a need for them for some reason.
  12. I think Maxthon has to support and be aware of the thirdparty DL manager. And unfortunately there aren't too many that it does support.
  13. Not possible at this stage. It's done randomly as far as I can tell. Might be added at some time.
  14. No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2014-12-11 11:44 And who, exactly, is Beso_910. Is he a Dev., a Maxthon Rep, an Admin, or just a common ordinary u ... Yeah, it's very odd. Just going by some of the responses in the past it sounds like he is a MX team member. But then again he also hasn't stated any irrefutable proof that he is. And it's not the first time a new rep has started posting without a badge. Just seems a little strange/stupid/pathetic that no one could organise to set up his account properly. Even if he just posted saying that he's a member so people are aware.
  15. Maybe i'm missing something here, but how does the new QA matter if it isn't even being used? A local start page is being used from what I can tell? I'd be playing around with YTC and see if it can be fixed using that. 2nd option would be to upload the start page to your personal webspace and access it from there seeing as it seems to work via HTTP. Maybe the issue will be resolved one day and you can go back to using a local page.
  16. My Internet connection is really fast, so sometimes I probably didn't catch the right moment.I don't know if the pages loading has anything to do with it. When I tested i'm sure the pages were fully loaded and the crash still happened.
  17. fOrTune® replied at 2014-12-9 18:14 Ha-ha, there is no Youtube Center in this case! Clean install without any 3-party addons. You might have to install YTC to enable the option. Same issue as in this thread. Seems Youtube or Maxthon is for some reason using a wmode that doesn't work/is broken in MX.
  18. Works fine here as well. Given the OP's last post, I have a feeling he won't be doing any testing to help figure this out.
  19. With Snapper skin it freezed almost every second/third time, with default skin only onceThat's a little odd & not as consistent as my testing. My tests had Snapper crash on every single move, and never on the default. Looks like there is something else going on? Have you got any extensions running? Try disabling them all and testing again.
  20. Amazing logic, browser crashing = skin's faultAnd it seems perfectly valid logic as well. I tested using my modded skin (based on the default one) and one of the Nitro mods, even after moving a tab back and forth 10+ times nothing happened. I then changed to the Snapper skin that's being used and BAM!! crash on the first move to the other page. The same test was repeated a number of times after changing skins/closing MX - and each and every time the same thing happened. The request was simply a means to check to see if the skin was in any way related to MX crashing, and from my testing it seems it is. Surely if it's a bug then it should happen on all skins? I understand what you're getting at, ultimately it's Maxthon that is crashing, but the point is there is something with that skin that is causing MX to crash. The fact that the feature works fine with the default skin points to something within that particular skin. Still waiting to see what the OP has to say if he tested the same. If he gets the same problem using a different skin, then it's possibly related to the install? it is not the skin i have it also here Using the default skin?
  21. DARKSTORM replied at 2014-12-5 20:25 Issue's back on latest Mx4, tried downgrading to recent latest but still had the issue, Is there a p ... So the problem wasn't there on .2000, but returned in .3000? Did you use the same userdata between both versions? That's the only reason it would return in .2000 after working fine earlier.
  22. Have you tried with the default skin? It could be something in the skin you are using that is causing the issue. And it's not related to the link you referenced. That was purely a personal preference of the OP in the way they wanted a feature to work.
  23. I'd imagine an extension would be able to make that happen. You just need someone who knows how to do it to make one.
  24. Some extensions don't show icons in the toolbar or sidebar. This is especially the case for those that are made to be "always on". Normally if the extension requires or offers the user to enable/disable it, then it will be shown. To check that it is installed and running open the extension manager by going to the Main Menu > Extensions, or from the context menu on the Sidebar as Snero described.
  25. How big are the files that are causing issues? I've downloaded a number of files varying from 10-350mb+ and haven't had an error like that yet.