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  1. PE doesn't report GPU-usage on XP systemsGood to know. I won't harp on about it then :)

    I did run DPC Latency Checker last night whilst playing videos but saw nothing unusual.I linked the other one as it actually gave info on the drivers that are causing the high latency. The one you tested with is good for checking if there is an issue, but you then need to start looking deeper to find the root cause. But if it's all green, then I guess we can scratch that off the list as well.

    Something I forgot to mention which I traced over the weekend is that my ZoneAlarm firewall will intermittently and frequently consume around 20% CPU whilst a video is downloading from YT (as reported in PE).So when you replied "No other programs running", that was no other programs apart from ZA or nothing at all, as in only Windows services and critical components running?

    It could also be something related to Maxthon's limited HW acceleration options. According to the about:gpu page, all of MX's video decode is done in software, which could explain why it's more than IE (although i'm not sure if IE8 had HWA).

    The fact that the same system with a different install as you noted in post #23 seems to run things fine, means it's not related to the hardware not be up to the task. This still keeps leads me back to it being a device/driver issue which hasn't been installed on the other install you tested on.

    I'd try getting Flash 11.3 on the system and test. Then MX and test. And lastly do option #2 in post #22 and see how you get on.

    If it's related to a windows update then things are getting very complicated. Might be just easier doing a reinstall.

  2. Well at least we fixed up something :D

    But... YT videos still hitting 100% With other browsers as well? You still need to isolate it to Maxthon before you can say it's an MX issue. Test with IE and if it still happens with that, then we're back to flash more than likely being the culprit.

    Also as requested earlier, process explorer screenshots of GPU usage and GPU mem usage when running the video.

    You can also try removing your current flash and installing the version that was working above. It could just be the newer versions aren't as efficient on older OS/systems?

  3. A pic might help here?

    I went right through to the last prompt before listing an item and saw no major issue. But I also haven't listed something for sale for ages, so can't say whether something is wrong or changed, unless it stuck out in big flashing capital letters and neon signage.

  4. No problem, I enjoy these sort of troubleshooting scenario's - keeps the brain active :-D.

    if it is a browser-related problem, it's all of them. I tried in Firefox on Saturday and the same thing happened.I don't think it's anything to do with browsers. 50% usage to copy a file I think is excessive, even on an older system.

    Given that it happens in safe mode, and there are no other programs running the only thing left is windows/drivers/hardware. It could have something to do with an update that may have changed something for the worse. If you had a backup image that you were willing to test with from before an update and it started happening you could almost certainly narrow it down to it being that.

    Without that, i'm putting it down to hardware/conflict/configuration change or error.

    I've got 3 more options that just came to me (in order of easiest to hardest). After that i'll be struggling to find more.

    1. Follow this guide and ensure that DMA mode is available and enabled on your drives. If DMA mode isn't on it can detrimentally affect HDD performance. Although you should have noticed it more often rather than just file copies.

    2. Go to Device Manager, disable all devices that aren't required (so anything apart from display, graphics card, main HDD, keyboard, mouse etc) Disable everything else (right-click, disable) restart and do the copy tests again. If the problem doesn't happen after disabling everything, then we know it's a device/driver issue. From then you enable one device at a time and test. Keep doing this until it starts happening again.

    3. If you have another spare drive, you can do a clean install of Windows and see if it occurs with that. If yes, then it's a hardware issue. If not, then we're back to the start, where it's probably driver/software related.

  5. And why to expect people will build duplicated extension..Why not? They still make ones for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and before the change to Chromium, Opera versions.

    Maxthon's issue is that it's relatively unknown and therefore people just don't feel the need to create another extension for such a small market. That in itself is a great reason for the MX team to incorporate the use of Chrome extensions, but as of now that isn't happening.

    Ideally everyone would use the same extension format, but that isn't the case right now. The way I understand it MX as it stands now can't and won't be updating it's extension implementation without some major changes. If they do decide to go to being a Chromium clone in future versions (and I sincerely hope that isn't the case) then many peoples wishes may come true.

    A remote desktop extension would be another one of the main ones where there isn't one for Maxthon.

  6. I'm not familiar with the Kernel commands, but i'm pretty sure that anything with Unexpected interrupts generally isn't good.

    The fact that the tests you did all show ~50+% CPU usage and the only common factor I can point to is the HDD was in use in all situations, leads me to believe it's somehow related to that. It's almost 100% not related to Maxthon and doesn't seem network device related.

    Did you try running in safe mode and trying the same tests? And what other programs do you have running?

    Can you download this, just extract and run the latmon.exe file. Press the play button in the top left while running maxthon with video for a little, then press stop. Go to the drivers section and sort by ISR or DPC count and see what the driver is that is causing high counts. If you can provide that and any other info you think might be useful.

    For reference the highest counts on my system is the USBPORT.SYS driver ~1200 IPC and ~7300 DPC. My system runs fine as far as i'm aware.

    This is really a head scratcher?!

  7. If you click on the icon you will go to the Proxy Settings page and if i'm not mistaken it will be set to use the IE proxy settings by default. So if you have those setup then that is what is being used, otherwise it will be a direct connection.

    I agree that it should probably be set to No Proxy by default, but it's probably like that because so if you do have a proxy setup for IE, then you probably want to use that as a default connection. If you don't then nothing happens and it doesn't make a difference.

  8. UFO106 replied at 2014-11-21 19:26 back.gif

    How should I perform clean installation?

    I wish to at least have the passwords I've used, and also ...

    Test with the portable version. Download, extract to a test folder and run.

    If it works fine then you can deal with doing a "clean" install and selecting data to keep etc.

    If it still doesn't work then it's not related to your data, but something else within Maxthon.

  9. It's not a common error that is mentioned here? Does it happen at startup or after some time?

    Are you using a passport account, if so logout and see if it helps.

    Try running with Admin privileges and see if that works.

    Download the portable version of maxthon, just extract and run the maxthon.exe file in the Bin folder. See if the same error occurs.

    Otherwise a disk check in case the file has been corrupted somehow.

  10. Hmmmm, interesting.

    A couple of tests if you don't mind. Do these with Process Explorer or Resource Monitor running and keep an eye on the CPU, disk IO & ethernet graphs watching for any direct correlation between them.

    Download a program with Maxthon (eg. Maxthon installer).

    Download a program with IE or another browser.

    Copy a file on your HDD to another folder and/or drive.

    Copy a file on your HDD to a networked device (other computer/tablet etc)

    I'm thinking HDD/storage/Ethernet drivers are having an issue with something. Are you sure they're updated to the latest and not using some generic MS ones?

    Definitely no warnings/errors in device manager?

    Also have a look in the event logs (from windows search type in event, then select view event logs. Windows Logs > System). Look for any warnings/errors relating to disk/network/ethernet.

    I vaguely recall having a similar issue where my mouse would stutter horribly when downloading stuff. Updating the ethernet drivers fixed it.

    Could well be that we started looking at this from the wrong end?!

  11. Maxthon 4 is basically built on MX3. I think it's a situation where if it's not broke, don't fix it.

    I think it's really just a means of keeping userdata in place when migrating from MX3 to MX4. Although I still question why it can't be copied to a new folder (Maxthon4) during the install process.

  12. The data for QA is in the qa.dat file here: Maxthon4\UserData\Public\QuickAccess\Frame It can be extracted using the tools in the Skins SDK thread.

    It seems that it is loaded as an internal Maxthon page (mx://res/quick-access/template/public/...)

    I'm not sure if/how you can access that using an extension. The other option is to directly modify the qa.dat file and offer it for downloading as has been done by zork here. But not really as accessible as the former method. Not sure if you can do anything with that info though.

  13. There's no need to create a poll. I can guarantee the majority will want it. The question is how to do it.

    The current system isn't in a position where you can just flick a switch and make them work. They can go to being a Chromium clone like Opera, Nitro etc. which would make it easier as the base code is there, but then you potentially lose features of Maxthon as it is now.