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  1. I don't think it's about not caring. It's that there's only so much they can do. If something went awry when you deleted your phone number causing data to be corrupted or lost, if it can't be restored i'm not sure what else you can expect. If you have a backup of most of your data, then that is possibly the best outcome you can expect. Hopefully BugMiss006 might be able offer something after the weekend.
  2. Why does it matter how many processes it uses? Do you watch the process list while watching a youtube video or reading a site? So long as the browser does what it's supposed to do I don't see how that is a major concern. Please enlighten me? As for as it slowing you internet speed due to connections being opened? Can you elaborate on what/how much bandwidth it's using on starting? Doesn't make sense for it to be downloading anything more than some QA updates or similar - a few KB at best.
  3. -Doesn't really matter the site content as far as I know, that used to happen while loading new pages, though - both loading in a new tab and not. Also Youtube was making the browser lag both with and without the Youtube media center extension... Weird things happen. I've had an issue where webpages wouldn't refresh properly after being opened from the last tabs page. I needed to force refresh to get it working. Turned out one of the pages that was being opened was the culprit. Removed that from the last tabs and everything worked fine. Never would have picked that to be the cause. As regards hardware acceleration never had a problem with that, my computer specs are too high to think of a problem with my cpu/ram, honestly.Might not necessarily be due to specs, but rather the way the code interacts. MX HW acceleration isn't as far along as other browsers, so disabling it shouldn't affect performance (especially on your system), but may help stabilise the browser if there is some issue in something that's happening. -New tabs couldn't be added to the list, I could open just about... Nothing at all. Basically when I was trying to open something I was getting an error message saying domainempty (I was like "what?") allowing me to either click ok or the X button to close it (that should be in the report) and even if I did that it kept popping out until the browser crash.First part says there is something wrong with the files that save that data. A clean install should have fixed that (or at least delete the files involved) For the domainempty error, try out this fix.
  4. yep, something strange going on there. Whether that is part of the issue I don't know, but it could be somehow related. I'd be looking into getting that fixed and then working back from there. Also check using Maxthon Portable or signing out of your passport. More details in the troubleshooting thread, #8 & #9
  5. Just checked here and it works fine in Retro. You can check advanced settings and see if "Enable standard rendering in Retro Mode" is set. Also try using the default UA (unchecked). Also, is there any reason you want to run in Retro? Retro is designed as a fallback option in the case the default renderer (Ultra) isn't working properly.
  6. So are you looking for a solution or just venting? If the latter, then we may as well close this thread and leave it at that. If you are looking for help then please offer some more info to work with. Is this a common issue or it just happened once? Is there a particular site that's open that this always happens on? "Didn't have a problem with extension" means what exactly? You don't use any? you tested with them disabled? "going into a "tilt" status " not sure what you mean by this.? Unless you've already deleted/reinstalled you may find your previous tabs here: %Appdata%\Maxthon3\UserData\Users\\Config\config.ini It might take a little work getting them extracted as they're in the following format {"url":"https:\/\/www.youtube.com\/user\/test_user A decent text editor can fix that quickly enough though.
  7. 30249689 replied at 2015-3-29 08:08 Are you kidding me ?? I'm up-to-date all the time ! Test with the portable version. Extract and see if you can sign in.
  8. So you normally use an installed version and it has the issue described. When you tried with the portable version it worked 5/5 times and no crashes? If that is correct, then it's something in your settings that is causing the ABP addon to crash. As Oliver pointed out, a clean install should resolve that, meaning delete the userdata folder found in "%appdata%\maxthon3". Type that path into an explorer window and it will go directly to that folder. Make a copy of it first so you still have your data. To figure out what exactly is causing the issue, you can then copy back one folder at a time till the issue reoccurs. Or depending on your settings it maybe just easier to reset your settings manually. If I understood that wrong, then we'll need to look from another angle.
  9. Unfortunately there isn't one like this. At least that I can find. Short of requesting the creator of the Firefox one to do a port for Maxthon, I don't think you'll have many other options.
  10. Oliver One replied at 2015-3-27 17:09 7twenty and BugSir, have you added a product in a cart? yes, see below.
  11. Working fine here. Update to and see if that fixes it.
  12. Can you run through the troubleshooting thread . You've already tested disabling ABP. So take a closer look at options #6 / 7 / 8 / 9. Also check if there are any crash logs saved. See here for more info
  13. Just curious.... I am assuming it was a useful thing to enable. Can you share what was the trade off for giving it up for the Kindle Reader (and yes it opens in the browser) that way I can just turn it on when I am not using Kindle. CPU usage may increase as normally the GPU would be taking over some of the processing. overall it shouldn't make that much of a difference, if at all to your browsing depending on your PC and the sites that you use. Interestingly, I have GPU accell enabled and kindle reader works fine here. Could be a system specific thing. And last just in case it helps another Mantley asked why would have I disabled Adhunter for an email problem. My answer is I have no clue. I posted the problem and eventually that suggestion fixed it. The issue was simple but terribly annoying. If I posted a link in an email, it didn't work like a hyperlink when the recipient got it. It had to be copied and pasted in their browser. Turning off adhunter cured it. I vaguely recall this. IIRC it was determined an adhunter filter was causing the issue. It was requested for some more info to try and determine which filter was causing the issue, but i'm guessing it never got that far.
  14. I think this mentioned before. I think it may have been related to an extension. Disable all your extensions and see if it still happens. If so, then try logging out from your passport account and test again.
  15. 17378695 replied at 2015-3-22 21:15 Hello Again Not sure if I should just start a new thread with the query. But sending another request ... Did you try: Did you try logging out of your passport account? Try testing with extracting the portable version (found here) and seeing if the same issue occurs with that. As it won't use any of you current settings it should help isolate the issue to your system, install or user settings. Also test with the portable version of Please try to disable GPU option (setting-Advanced-Content Control- uncheck "Enable GPU hardware acceleration") then restart your browser and try again.
  16. Black Angel replied at 2015-3-20 08:22 This started happening to me after I had made the mistake of installing Maxthon 4. Once I decided th ... MX3 & 4 both use the same userdata folder. If it wasn't deleted before reinstalling MX3 and MX4 changed something in there that MX3 doesn't like then that could be part of the issue. Open an explorer window and type %appdata% into the address bar. If there is a Maxthon3 folder, rename it and try installing MX3 again. Can I ask what it is that you don't like about MX4? MX3 is no longer updated and it's recommended you use the latest version of MX4
  17. As above, otherwise if you're using a Passport account, just install Maxthon on the new laptop and sign in. All your data should get downloaded and you should continue where you left off.
  18. Disable Adblock in case somehow that is causing issues (shouldn't but just a test) And disable all extensions if you have any running.
  19. Strange. The file works normally when downloaded and doesn't seem in anyway non-standard. It does seem Maxthon related if it works fine on other browsers. It can't be the service not liking the file?
  20. As i said in post #3, the idea is good as users should get notified when they need to, it's just the implementation isn't right. I'm wondering why they can't add a toggle for the beacon and ignore it if it's set to off. In either case it needs to be made to look better. The icon or icon background changing colour/glowing I think would look nicer.
  21. Headers are still on by default. Would be nice if it at least saved the last setting that you used, at least you only have to set it up once.
  22. Firstly try updating to the most recent version: http://forum.maxthon.com/thread-14823-1-1.html If for whatever reason you can't/won't or the problem still occurs then try the following. Try adding the following to AdHunter v4.4.3.4000:##iFor AdBlock Plus v4.4.4.3000:gruppoesperti.it##iIt blocks the spinner in top banner - idea is if that spinners are the cause then blocking them hopefully fixes the issue. While not an actual fix, hopefully we can come to a workaround that stops the freezing that's occurring. Again, this is only based on the little spinner on the top banner, for the others shown in your videos can you: Right click on one of the spinners > Inspect element Take a screenshot of the devtools window that opens making sure the highlighted part relating to the spinner is shown. EDIT: Have been testing this latest "fix" for the past day. Had about 8 or 9 tabs open from that site occasionally refreshing or opening threads. Browser has otherwise been used as normal. No crashes or otherwise. Coincidence? Maybe. Also tried disabling AdBlock and still no issues. At one stage Maxthon was using >1.5gb ram and didn't falter. So not sure if it's the blocked bits or the updated version. But so far so good. So you've got two options you can test out - hopefully at least one stops it from happening on your system. I'd go with updating as your first test though.
  23. shiganami replied at 2015-3-15 18:21 here is the little pop-up window as i see it on my win7 pc. (i eddited it from my win8 pc) It shouldn't look like that if it's enabled. You should see the other options + the social media stuff. Are you using a different skin? If so, change to the default and see if it still happens. And if you're using a passport account, logout and check.
  24. Update to the latest as Oliver linked to. Check your settings are correct. Settings > Address bar For adblock, make sure the filters are being loaded correctly. Can you give us a page to test with. It may be that it's just not working on that particular page. Image of the little window mentioned in the first post would be handy.