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  1. I had some older versions of FF/Chrome on which it didn't work. After updating then it did. Based on that, it's possibly related to the blink version, calling for something that isn't available in older versions. If that is the case, then the only fix will come when MX update to a more recent version. Thank you. When asking for an image I was referring to one that shows what it should look like eg from chrome. Otherwise we don't know what we should be looking for, especially if we also try other browsers that display the same. Easiest to check with is Edge/IE as it's installed by default on all systems, and they also have the same issue. Not everyone might have Chrome/FF etc installed.
  2. For a portable install: [installed folder]\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite Installer version: C:\Users\[USER_ACCOUNT]\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite Don't use the PortableApps.com version. To my knowledge Maxthon don't officially create a PortableApps.com version, they're created and uploaded by users. It's possible if they don't notice, some of their custom settings might be transferred when creating the portable installer file. That is why the N: drive is showing. I'd recommend downloading directly from the forum, just download and extract the portable version: : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/19076-maxthon-browser-for-windows-v4482000-officially-released/ http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/ Or you can just press the "restore defaults" button in the top right of settings to restore it. Note you'll lose any other customisations as well. Otherwise the default folders are: Cache: C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\Maxthon3Cache\Temp\Webkit\Cache Quick Save: C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Pictures USER_NAME = your Windows username path
  3. 1 / not sure what this N: drive you speak of is? I don't use the cloud, but haven't come across this when testing occasionally. maybe someone else can offer something. But i'd say N: is actually a drive on your system. Open up an explorer window and check what drives are listed. 2 / No. Again, pretty sure that isn't right and is more than likely a drive on your system. 3 / don't sign up or at least don't use a passport account. If you sign in with Passport then you will get cloud features enabled. While you can disable them, if you only want a local account, it's easier just to not worry about it. 4 / When you download something for the first time, you will get a dialog that asks you where to save the item. Choose somewhere on your system. All future downloads will default to that folder when the dialog opens unless you change it. But you will always get the option of where to save, you can't have it auto-save to a particular folder. 5 / Yes, as with most things these days, changes happen frequently. If you don't want to worry about that download and extract a portable version. this won't update 6 / Not quite. It's the latest (and last) version of that series. MX4.9 is the current branch until MX5 rolls out. MX4.9 misses out on a few features from 4.4, but is more up to date, and is recommended as you should have less issues with general browsing. If there's a feature you need from 4.4, then stick with that for now. Otherwise MX4.9 is my pick. 7 / Can't say at this stage. But I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. WXP is long past it's useby date, and if dropping support for it means a better and more future proof browser, then that is what the dev team should be looking towards.
  4. From: I'm a newbie to Maxthon and to this forum. I get the feeling this is not the right category / forum in which to post my topic, but I couldn't figure out how to put it in the General Discussion category. It was grayed out where I was to select a forum. Feel free to move it if that's where it belongs. Anyway, since I'm stuck at Opera 36 because I have Windows XP, I've been checking out other Browsers just in case suddenly even Opera 36 no longer works. I checked out Maxthon Cloud Portable (PortableApps.com) last night and it turned out to be the 1st Browser aside of Opera to ever get my attention as far as being able to work well on my Dial Up Internet and my FrankenDino (Frankenstein Dinosaur) computer. This Maxthon Cloud browser actually has some genuine excellent potential. That said, I have some questions. (1) In the Settings ... is the N: Drive the Cloud? (2) One of the around 2 instances of that N: Drive in the Settings was for the Cache. Does that mean that the default location setting for the Maxthon Cache is on the Cloud? I changed it to some folder in My Documents folder for now. (3) I don't like the Cloud. I don't do the Cloud. I don't want ANYTHING of my Maxthon usage to be associated with the Cloud be it uploading, downloading, caching, history, Etc. What all Settings would I have to make sure to set / change to assure that I am Cloud free. (4) I don't believe I saw a Setting for selecting where to save any downloads. Where would that Setting be? I don't want any download to wind up in the Cloud. I don't believe the Save Location Setting in the Quick Save Images category covers all bases. (5) Does Maxthon have the audacity to force update itself like Opera and who knows what all other browsers? (6) The PortableApps.com version of Maxthon Cloud that I am using is I take it that's quite out of date? Do I understand correctly that the latest Maxthon Cloud version is 4.9? (7) Since I am using Maxthon Cloud, it is obvious that at least THIS version still supports Windows XP. Will Maxthon Cloud 5 support Windows XP? Or will it follow in the footsteps of other browsers and cease support for Windows XP? Posted by Chim
  5. Can you provide a link or screenshot of the issue? I can't find what discussions you're talking about? Tested in Edge/FF and both look the same as MX.
  6. Pinned. If there's no edit option, then either it hasn't been set yet for users to do so, or for some reason this section doesn't allow it. I can edit it, but that's not what you want. If you can edit the first reply (above) but not the first post, then I can edit the first post to be just the first paragraph and state the UA's follow below. Then you can use the first reply to edit/update as required. Makes sense?
  7. I can also confirm Netflix doesn't work here. You get an error page in Ultra. Retro (with standard rendering) only plays audio, just a black screen otherwise. Trying different UA's doesn't help at all. Windows 10 10586.318 / MX4.9.3.1000
  8. The images explain everything: "There was a problem playing this protected content"
  9. Can you please check with the portable version as noted above. The crash report shows at least 20 extensions running (i'm unable to confirm how many are default though). But until you can confirm it's something that maxthon is causing, and not an extension or site, then it's hard to offer anything more.
  10. Which is why testing on a clean portable version should point out if it's something in the userdata, rather than Maxthon.
  11. Ummm, no it doesn't. The OP is asking about HULU.com, not lulu.com
  12. No issues on Twitter (at least on the one site i tried), but Instagram doesn't work as stated
  13. Can't confirm that issue here. Is this repeatable in that it happens every single time? or just randomly? Try extracting the portable version and see if the same happens on the same sites that it has happened on before. Depending on the outcome of that we can't figure out which way to look for more info.
  14. Because some useragents cause an issue with this forum software, at least on this site. That's why it was recommended you use the default (unchecked) option. If it still doesn't work, then there is something else going on, but to date that has been the only known cause and fix for that problem. Neither does Maxthon.. at least not in my experience. And i'm pretty sure it's designed that all data gets imported properly anyway, otherwise the cloud sync option wouldn't work for those that use that when updating between versions. Noticed that. Only thing that comes to mind is a dodgy skin. Are you using a modified skin by any chance? Test with a clean Maxthon portable extraction, and copy over all your userdata into that version. If that works, then it's something else. If the problem is still there, then it's more than likely something in your settings files. Use portable versions. You can't run them both at the same time, but you can run them as separate installs, so data in one won't affect the other, unless you use a passport to sync them.
  15. Edited your post to add the content attached. Make sure you're using the default useragent. Settings > Advanced, make sure customised useragent string is unchecked. For the lasttabs issue, that file size seems overly large. I've got about 40 on my lasttab list, and my file size is only 7kb. Based on the size of yours, you should have about 1300 on your list... and I can't see as that being right? I can't recall having any issues with importing older lasttabs, but after playing around a little I noticed that did have some issues displaying the lasttabs page, worked fine in .1000 - at least in my testing of a clean portable version. Assuming you have a backup of the your older install (and the list isn't huge and the PC can handle it), you can do the following if the list isn't being imported properly. Open the last version with a known good list of last tabs. Open all the links in the browser, then save them all as a favourites folder. (Ctrl+Shift+D) Open up the new version of maxthon, open the saved favourites folder Exit maxthon, then open again it should hopefully have a full lasttabs list. I'm thinking there's something wrong with the file, as 1/ it seems way too big, and 2/ it should just import directly, otherwise there would have been plenty more reports that this was an issue.
  16. Can't confirm here. The details auto-filled correctly after saving them. And if not using auto, doubleclicking the filed and selecting the dropdown box fills them out correctly as well. For the find issue, is it on particular sites? Or that is random as well?
  17. Ahem... see my post above. The "cleaning" program is complaining about Maxthon. Either there's something running in MX causing some high cpu usage, or MX is stuck doing something it shouldn't, in which case something needs to be looked at. If not, it's just a program that is complaining about nothing..
  18. Hmmmm, looks like it may need to be looked at by the MX devs or possibly fixed if there is another core update.
  19. Were you doing anything with the browser when this popped up.. because using the browser would cause it to use CPU strangely enough. It says it was running in the background, but doesn't mean that some site wasn't somehow still running. Personally not a fan of these programs, at those that run in the background trying to find issues to complain about. I think you'd be better off removing clean master.
  20. Make sure "standard rendering in Retro mode" is enabled in Settings > Web Content
  21. It looks like some sort of "fixer" program that is supposed to find problems with the system, at least that's what the "boost" button seems to indicate to me. Chances are it's just eating up CPU cycles itself and not being all that beneficial. Also could be the sites being visited.
  22. See, this is the problem... Part of the reason people don't want to use MX is because they can't find some extensions they want. I'm willing to spend some time trying to port over some where possible, but I need a little help to hopefully push me in the right direction. But all we get is silence... There aren't many (any?) users here that are active in extension creation, the ones that post on the Chinese forum don't post here, the dev's don't post here...
  23. I can only imagine the answer is yes. But it would also depend on the extension and how they work and interact with the page. Ones that run all the time will obviously be eating up CPU time compared to ones that only run when the user starts them. Ideally you'd only be running the extensions that you need, and not have 100 installed that rarely or ever get used.