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Status Replies posted by 7twenty

  1. Hi,

    I saw your very clear and thorough answer to a gentleman’s question about Flash and Maxthon.

    I went to a couple of the links and saw they were for Windows OS. Do you have any info on the Mac version? It would be great if you did. But no worries if not.



    1. 7twenty


      No, sorry. No idea about anything mac.

  2. If someone were to go through all the English and correct the mistakes, what are the chances of them reaching the actual product?

    1. 7twenty


      Pretty good. Here's 2 threads i started related to such things. While it has taken some time to finally get to it, they have recently been updated.



      If there's more just post in the relevant thread and it'll be done at some stage.

  3. Its just not letting me reply, I dnt get any error , theres no place at the bottom for me to hit reply! it just went away after i replied to a few posts

    1. 7twenty


      You have no restrictions on your account and only have a warning. The only known issue causing that problem is changing the useragent to Opera or something else that I can't think of right now. Make sure the custom useragent setting is unchecked.

  4. hey I commented a few times on posts, and now i dont have the option to reply on the forums, why is that?

    1. 7twenty


      What error do you get?

      Have you adjusted your useragent?

  5. Hola, 7twenty, soy un usuario reciente de Maxthon, y lo que me me pregunto es por qué no aparece la función dividir pantalla??En la parte de abajo solo aparece el adblock plus y  la función pantalla completa. Buscando encontré un atajo con el mouse, pero no se puede.... es algún bug de maxthon??Mil Gracias de antemano.


    Thank you very much, 7twenty, for your intervention.

    My matter is not quite yet resolved, but I find myself unable to reply at that thread. I am signed in to Maxthon Forum. See screenshot.



    no place to reply.png

    1. 7twenty


      Not sure what is going on with you unable to post? if you can after 24 hrs, then there's something going on with post restrictions on your account which we can't fix at this stage. Will need to wait till monday.

      About the issue - Favourites button > Favourites Manager, then in the bottom left it will show "recycle bin". Click that and it should show any links/folders deleted.