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  1. 30381843 replied at 2014-10-19 10:58 Откатился на версию, новые версии и беты становя ... Он так уже лет восемь заходит-заходит, никак не зайдет ))
  2. Через основное меню - Инструменты - Импорт данных
  3. roguelike replied at 2014-10-19 10:01 Машина полностью чистая. Только вчера систему переус ... Так не бывает. Где-то ты все же успел подцепить. Иначе тут весь форум был бы жалобами на подобное завален.
  4. roguelike replied at 2014-10-19 07:43 Есть проблема с адресной строкой. Ввожу какой-нибудь а ... Чисти свою машину, родной, макстон тут ни при чем.
  5. melovecoffee replied at 2014-7-30 23:23 I went to the Maxthon for Mac extension store, clicked install, it popped up in my downloads file ... Very funny. I don't have that problem couse I haven't Chrome installed.
  6. Go to Chrome extension magazin and install what you want )) You have link in Mac version to addons store, didn't you?
  7. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-5-14 23:24 Thanks SL! Didn't see this message before somehow. However this does not apply to my skin: it seem ... Its a default shortcut to switch between tabs - from active tab to next tab right or left aside, and its work everythere, as I know. Maybe I'm wrong )) but its works for me all the time.
  8. Also I have small problem with last skin version from May 10 - only when too many tabs go to the list in the right side of tabbar: I try to use Ctrl+Right arrow to go next tab, but have only refreshing active tab. Its a very small bug so I can live with it just to notice you.
  9. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-5-10 14:09 It started when I redesigned the /main/tabbar/container.htm file so that the New Tab button stays wh ... Thank you, everything is fine now with this version (from 10 May).
  10. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-5-8 17:28 Sorry, I wasn't clear there. I meant the latest version of this skin. Try downloading and applying i ... And lose my Last Session again? I made it twice, that's enogh for me. No, sorry, I woudn't try anymore until you try to make fixed version.
  11. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-5-6 22:43 You need to restart Maxthon after installing the skin. Maxthon developers are screwing around a bit ... I do have MX4 latest version on Win-7, maybe problem in system differences?
  12. I have very strange skin behavior - buttons looks hidden, I can see its only when I moving cursor on. I update Maxthon to and last version of skin still make me the troubles - I lose my Last Session again, and tabs also doesn't work - I can't see any page except blank after skin install.
  13. ltGuillaume replied at 2014-4-29 10:27 New version (April 29, 8:45 UTC/GMT): New Tab button now sticks to the right of the tabs instead ... Oh sheet! (sorry) With this version I lost my Last Session (((( After installing this skin I get new blank tab I cannot go to any other tab from (((( Maxthon