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  1. 21 hours ago, bsb.mltr said:

    Why don't you try another scrypt, for example like this -

    There is a lot of another scrypts you can try, I believe most of them works.


    17 hours ago, SnowLeopard said:

    YouTube Center is discontiued and no longer works with YT's new interface.

    That's sad.

  2. 1 hour ago, Zombie_From_Mars said:

    Подскажите, как экспортировать закладки в 5 версии?вижу только импорт, а экспорта не нахожу

    потому что экспорта нет, и не факт что появится. Всех хотят загнать в облако и потом брать за это денежку ))

    Можно отсортировать закладки по дате сохранения/создания, и потом вручную скопировать последние добавленные.

  3. 1 minute ago, bricky149 said:

    I'm going to hazard a guess and say international users will get invites from the US office. If that's the case then we have a while to wait.

    There is no US office anymore, more then a year ago it was closed. All team is in Beijing.

  4. Adguard app for iPhone and iPad is ready, and you can download it here:

    Our app is the perfect and most advanced ad blocker for iOS devices. Adguard’s own filters alongside with other popular (and necessary ones) are here to protect your Apple device.

    Absolutely for FREE! 
    So go ahead and download. Protect your device now.

    One sad news: Adguard for iOS cannot blocking ads in apps - it works only in Safari browser. But we promise - all other news are good!

    - Spyware and Social media filters

    Apart from regional filters (English, Russian and other) Adguard has some very cool ones to ensure protection of your device - like spyware protection. The correspondent filter removes all counters, and prohibits analytical systems and trackers to spy on you online. Your personal data will be safe.

    Social media filter is an instrument to remove all unnecessary social networks buttons. All these “Like”, “Share”, “Tweet” shouldn’t be all over the pages, only unless you want them there. And it’s up to you whether you enable this filter or not.

    - Whitelisting

    Do you have favorite websites that you’d like to support? There is a Whitelist in our app which allows to add exceptions, meaning disabling the ad filtering for some trustworthy domains.

    - Manage Adguard filtering

    Well, if our filtering rules are not enough, you can always ‘go advanced’ and add the ad blocking options you want. Hide/unblock any elements you want. Easy.

  5. Эт случайно не из таких мошинеческих программ по освобождению оперативы ? Как глаголит яндекс такие штуки ломают систему...

    Нет, проверено лично.

    Можете не юзать, никто не заставляет. Это я для себя нашел способ когда-то и поделился им.

    Вообще нет проблем с ram. :-)

    щасливый вы человек.