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  1. Hi @Wilser! That was the problem with the pop-up dialog window. I'm using MX but I used the 1.0.4 version of the skins, Now I'm using the latest version (1.0.5) of the skins and the pop-up dialog window (named »"Confirm from the page...") is working fine,but the color of the "Maxnote"-"Passkeeper"-"UUMail"-bar (maybe it's name is profile-bar) is not changing its color with the other bars if the user changes the browser color. Please check it. Regards, "it's me,nx"
  2. Hi @Wilser! First of all thanks for the skins and your work with them! You are awesome! I have some feedbacks for you from some bugs which affects all skins...Alpha (all versions of the) skin,Chrome skin,Mac skin,Macaw skin » - If closing a site without log out,the checkbox and buttons names of pop-up dialog window (named »"Confirm from the page...") are incorrect ("{DIALOG!DoNotShowAgain}","{DIALOG!OK}" and {DIALOG!CANCEL}) - The "Maxnote"-"Passkeeper"-"UUMail"-bar (maybe it's name is profile-bar) is not changing its color with the other bars if the user changes the browser color Regards, "it's me,nx"
  3. I see. It's problematic that the links not updated automatically. To find older forum threads some people causes difficulties! It is possible to update all the old forum links which has the old target? (example > automatically add "old-" string to the old forum links) You're welcome!
  4. BugSir007 forgotten smotehing! Only 4 characters missing > old- I found it on the old forum. The correct title and url are these >> IDM Integration in file-sharing sites - Product Support Archive - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! http://old-forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=5796&highlight=idm
  5. Mine as well! Pretty please add it! 59407202.jpg (400×400)
  6. I agree! "Return back AdHunter. ABP must be only extension."
  7. Last working version...I don't know...I tried it in Maxthon under Windows 7 64bit Home Premium but It does not working with that version neither. What Maxthon 3 version do you tried and Windows version do you have? Update [18-06-2015] >>> After the last OneDrive.com design update "Dragging and dropping files to upload to OneDrive" is now working flawlessly (with Maxthon Cloud Browser Ultra and Retro mode as well). Read more > Delivering a more beautiful OneDrive | OneDrive Blog https://blog.onedrive.com/delivering-a-more-beautiful-onedrive/ ...more screenshots of the new ui > Hands-on with the new OneDrive.com re-design http://microsoft-news.com/hands-on-with-the-new-onedrive-com-re-design/
  8. Two more things (maybe off topic a little bit ) >>> When you play the Youtube videos with flash player ...and you want to copy video URL with context menu by clicking right mouse button is still not working for a long time! There is only one way to you can use the flash player context menu when you play it in the popup window. (last working version > MCB ...and you want to use the Youtube menu and click on it,it will open behind (under) the flash player (it will be always on top) and you can't see the menu items and the same bug will shows up with the Youtube header when you scroll down a little. (last working version...I don't know...I tried it in Maxthon but It does not working with that version neither) They are very annoying! I hope​ they will be fixed shortly. (Maybe in the next stable version? ) Regards, nx
  9. Hi! As far as MCB not have a popup window to html5 videos you may use Retro mode or use this way in Ultra mode >>> If you have the url of a video which you want to watch on Youtube... example >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGxarVHb-jU (this will use html5 player) replace the /watch?v= with /v/ like this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGxarVHb-jU (this will use flash player and fill your browser window /not fullscreen/ ) and enjoy! You can use this trick on lists as well! example >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTGwdLzIUOM&list=PLsiKj2b9n_EChviBmldgt4-RCdR9f1FT2 (html5 player) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTGwdLzIUOM&list=PLsiKj2b9n_EChviBmldgt4-RCdR9f1FT2 ( flash player) And when you use flash player then you can popup the videos.
  10. UFO106 replied at 2015-4-12 13:08 I actually don't use Maxthon account. Using the portable version worked , but now I wonder what ca ... There are an extension with the same name. Yout don't need that "monkey staff". Yout can find it here > Maxthon - Extensions Center http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1201 and Github as well > Developer Version · YePpHa/YouTubeCenter Wiki · GitHub https://github.com/YePpHa/YouTubeCenter/wiki/Developer-Version I use it for a long time ago. It's working well and it has an updating feature too. :victory:
  11. Hi! What do you think? Can it replace ABP as an extension? And will AdHunter come back and ABP or µBlock will be an extension? I prefer AdHunter becouse of "Block ad by click" (µBlock has this feature too) and we could use it to customize things in the browser (example: scrollbars) /it is true,I have not tried to customize anything,but I read that,we can't do it with ABP./ µBlock - An efficient blocker add-on. Fast, potent, and lean. - Extensions - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! http://old-forum.max...hread&tid=14311 Regards, nx
  12. Finally...the cookie bug > http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14024&page=1#pid77306 ...was SOLVED in Maxthon Cloud Browser (with AdBlock Plus) !!! Thanks Dev team!
  13. tabooxchanz replied at 2015-2-2 21:00 I totally agree the problem usually shows up in later versions. Doing a fresh install seems to ha ... I use portable versions of Maxthon,so the fresh install is not avaible. Only in 'Normal' mode works properly.
  14. SnowLeopard replied at 2015-1-19 01:49 If you want a different Speed Dial page to be default, the only way to do that is put the Quick Acce ... I miss this feature from Maxthon 2 >>> Qucik Acces context menu > 1962606_670567149666757_1163610696_n.jpg (720×406) https://scontent-a-vie.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpf1/t31.0-8/10015001_670567149666757_1163610696_o.jpg In Maxthon 3.x and MCB 4.x there is only a checkbox on Qucik Acces page in the setting and it is not that user friendly like the Qucik Acces context menu "Open in New Tab"! Please change "Open" item in next MCB version to "Open in New Tab" or add to it! When you click on a QA entry it will open...we better need "Open in New Tab" in context menu instead of "Open"!
  15. wanderer replied at 2015-1-26 08:00 I would deeply appreciate "Close duplicate tabs" function. Please! I agree!
  16. If the problem still persists you better downgrade Maxthon to version! Nowdays the most annoying thing in the latter Maxthon versions is "The cookie monster" (not him :lol > ) bug (shows up from to the latest beta) which embitters our browsing experiences and our life! Private Mode lose Cookie - Maxthon for Computers Product Support - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=11949&highlight=cookie I downgraded Maxthon to version was the latest version without this bug! I hope the devs solve this ASAP! Regards! Maxthon's loyal user, nx
  17. SnowLeopard replied at 2015-1-23 13:50 >> Ad-block Plus slows down Maxthon a little bit. I don't see any slowdown with ABP. But I donn' ... I don't use ABP or µBlock either...I only use AdHunter with custom and self created filter and it's enough for me. But I tried out the latest MCB with ABP and compared it with the latest without it...same filters and same sites...and my system monitoring program showed me the difference. It's negligible on today's computer configuration but on old low end PCs it is a very important to use less system resources. Regards! Maxthon's loyal user, nx
  18. loooping8 replied at 2015-1-4 20:29 They need not to touch it only switch/convert it to a extension thats all,so everybody can choose ... Agree!
  19. This is the first time to I hear from µBlock and I think it's an interesting project! I recommend this to keep attention for the Maxthon developers! Maybe it can replace ABP for Maxthon! Ad-block Plus slows down Maxthon a little bit. It it would be better if Ad-block Plus would not be part of Maxthon and replace AdHunter! I would like better an Ad-block Plus or µBlock extension...and I think I'm not alone with this opinion! µBlock vs. ABP: efficiency compared · gorhill/uBlock Wiki · GitHub https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/wiki/%C2%B5Block-vs.-ABP:-efficiency-compared
  20. YES,we like it! It is an awesome filter collection! Can you explain us which filter doing what, then we can choose the best rules for our blocking preferences. Just like you post at the following link with Youtube ads > Adhunter's rules to block all ads on Youtube 2014. I hope you like it. - Extensions - Maxthon Community - Powered by Discuz! http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=12063&highlight=youtube I searched but I don't find on your list the same filter like this > ! removes Ads from embedded Youtube videos facebook.com##.ad-container-single-media-element I disabled my filter and enabled your following filters. I think one of these filters removes it. I tried it...and it works. :victory: Is it included in this group? > ! Removes all video ads on youtube video https://ad.doubleclick.net/* https://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/* https://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/* https://s0.2mdn.net/ads/* ##div.pyv-afc-ads-inner It's time to change my filter list to yours :lol Thanks a lot for this great work,mate! :handshake