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  1. This gave me the support to just keep trying and hope to eventually get in. Since I lost my passwords I tried approximately 50 times to get into passkeeper. Last night I finally got in (on only the third try of the evening too) and was able to access my backup passwords!
  2. I've tried using version, 6.2.600.0, some versions of maxthon 5, maxthon 5 and 6 portable, my phone (android) and a different computer with maxthon 5. I'm not sure if this is a known issue that simply hasn't been fixed or if there is some way in. In every case I've had the same problem, I log into uu.me (sometimes it takes a few tries) and can access Maxnote and UUMail. When I click on passkeeper I get a screen asking for me to enter my Maxthon Account Password, when I do so I get a success! message, but am looped back to the same page asking for maxthon account password again. I lost my passwords a few days ago due to unexpected computer shutdown (lost electricity) and would really like to restore a backup. However, I cannot do so without accessing passkeeper on uu.me. I don't want the 30 day window to pass when backups are deleted and I lose my passwords simply because passkeeper on uu.me does not work.
  3. Hello everyone I'm from the US, I've been using Maxthon for many years, but I'm new to the forum.