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  1. Hello! Downloaded ok for me & installed ok, but, again, despite set as default being ticked during installation, afterwards, Maxthon prompts to set as default, but has actually removed itself (and any others) from Windows' default browser setting. (using Windows 8.1 Professional, 64bit, up-to-date) When first loading, just get black background with no content... refresh doesn't help, but open a new tab for Quick Launch & that displays ok. In Maxthon Classis theme, the minimize, maximize & close icons are missing from the top right (present in light & dark themes)
  2. It is as I said... Maxthon had created a local copy of the account (with the same name), but no stored passwords, although it had kept most of the settings
  3. Hello! Just noticed, ALL passwords lost (except those added over last week or so). Also, can no longer login to Maxthon (despite clearly already being logged in as all other settings & password sites & usernames are present)... Click 'Login to Maxthon', select account, doesn't ask for password & just sets browser window to non-maximised & that's it! --- Looks like Maxthon had created a local copy of the account, with no passwords, even to login to Passkeeper & had logged me out of the online account... I'm back in now, but don't think it should have done that anyway!
  4. Hello! The last few versions, despite 'set as default' ticked, installation actually removes any default web browser! Upon first start after installing new version, Maxthon prompts to ask to set as default (despite having been already ticked before installing), but doing so still shows in Windows settings, there is no default web browser. Manually setting Maxthon as the default (in Windows settings) works fine & stays that way.
  5. No, only Maxthon. Ignoring Windows still finishing booting, it happens often whenever there's high CPU before loading Maxthon & has done for a while now, but didn't used to. I have a dual core 4GHz CPU, 8GB RAM & a SSD for boot
  6. Hello! Seen this happen a few times & again just now... Windows hasn't finished booting, but I click the taskbar shortcut to load Maxthon... Maxthon opens, but then crashes out, with no errors. Load Maxthon & defaulted back to i.maxask.com, losing all open tabs. Exit & reload & & the tabs are back & it's fine again. Seems, for quite a while, if there's high CPU (e.g. while Windows is still loading), then Maxthon often crashes or exits out.
  7. It doesn't do it every time, but when it does, it's effectively set the background & foreground colour to the same (both white or both black), so if I knew what was where on the screen, I could still click on it!
  8. Hello! This & last couple of versions, which clicking on a link to open a webpage (specifically here from within an email in Thunderbird to goto a page on softpedia.com), the browser opens, but with just a completely 'white' page... refreshing doesn't make a difference, but, oddly, just clicking anywhere on the screen, usually brings the page up! Or, copying the URL into another tab works first time too. The download manager is still either not reporting or losing entries (15 today!)... this is far more annoying than when it creates duplicate entries, as at least then you can still see what's been downloaded!
  9. Hello! A video will only show what I said... today, the first 6 items I downloaded weren't in the list when I checked... however, I had already downloaded at least 10 more before I checked the list, so can't say if they were in the list & disappeared, or didn't get recorded at all. But, they were downloaded ok!
  10. Hello! Downloading a BIOS update file from hp.com for a customer... Page where checking available downloads, in Chromium mode wouldn't finish displaying (left it for ages). Change to IE mode & page ok. Download file, but in IE mode NOT using download manager, using IE download box & download stopped at 99% & wouldn't complete. Cancelled download & hung Maxthon. Close Maxthon & upon reopening, lost all open tabs & back to i.maxask.com. Tried again, but the same for IE mode, so left on screen & switched to Chromium mode & Maxthon download manager displayed & downloaded file ok. Cancelled IE download & again hung Maxthon, exit, reload & back to i.maxask.com. Download via download manager is ok, but IE never completed, so never wrote the file.
  11. Hello! Another new download manager bug... now, it's missing some items that were downloaded! In this case, 2 programs, which I confirmed had been downloaded to their respective folders, but the download manager list doesn't show them! Oddly, it shows items before these & items after these, but not these!
  12. PC has 8GB of RAM & hasn't done this before. My default 'home page' is Quick launch, so that's what should load
  13. Hello! After downloading dozens of updated programs (been busy last couple of weeks, so way behind), can confirm download manager still creates duplicate entries, which aren't removed when clearing list & still has incorrect icons (mostly shows user icon, but often none at all). However, then got low memory warning from Windows, Maxthon exited & upon reloading, open tabs (was only a few as had been shutting most after use) lost & instead of Quick launch, https://i.maxask.com/ displayed instead
  14. Hello! Seems this version has the most bugs of any release so far! When loading, with or without all plugins enabled/disabled, I just get a black page, with a small 'window' at the top left & a thin 'bar' on the bottom left & nothing else displayed... Refresh doesn't help, but if I open a new tab, the quick launch is displayed ok & everything is fine from there, until the next time I open Maxthon & it happens again.
  15. Hello! Tried many times, but just get "System error 999"
  16. Hello! Tried to login to uu.me Asks for account email & password, entered, then I clicked on Passkeeper & again asks for account password, entered, says, "Success!", but doesn't go any further. Tried in Chromium & Trident modes. Tried to do the same in Opera browser, but didn't even display the login screen, just spinning dots waiting...
  17. Hello! Once again, getting blank white page with empty title bar & no more upon loading... Sometimes can't exit unless use task manager & then sometimes need to manually terminated each process. Tried renaming the extension folder & made no difference. Reinstalled-same; uninstalled, keeping data & reinstalled-same; uninstalled, without keeping data & reinstalled-same; uninstalled, without keeping data, using HiBit Uninstaller to identify & remove 'left overs' & reinstalled-same... not looking good here! Finally, after uninstalling with HiBit, removing left overs, clearing redundant registry settings & temporary files & then reinstalling, finally got it to load... this has happened multiple times before, with multiple versions & the 'fix' varies each time
  18. Not sure what you think that will achieve... When closing Maxthon, while I have multiple tabs open, with "Continue where you left off" ticked, upon reloading, often (but this week not always (I think only twice so far with this version)), ALL open tabs are lost & start page is set to i.maxask.com
  19. Hello! Good you've added CloudFlare, but could you also add (no malware) & (no malware or adult sites)? For reference, still getting: lose open tabs upon restart, missing or incorrect icons in download manager, info too quick to read on installer screens, lies on installer screens (Mx5 features & latest Chromium), missing favicons on QuickLaunch (however, I do see, finally, "Colour" is spelt correctly for UK English), etc... i.e. all the same stuff been reporting for ages! I monitor releases of all major web browsers & see them releasing, sometimes twice in a week, Chromium updates, but Maxthon is still stuck on 96.0.4664.45, which is nearly NINE MONTHS old... You keep saying it's a priority, but it doesn't feel like it as you should be updating to new stable Chromium within days of it's release.
  20. Hello! "This means, if anyone uses my computer & loads Maxthon, it'll automatically auto-fill any stored details if they goto such sites. Hi MichaelC362, you could go to Settings > Gestures and Shortcuts to add in your preferred shortcut command under shortcut management to lock maxthon browser. but there's no stored auto-fill details You could go into Settings < Advanced < Autofill to make sure the option is not checked. Last but not least, you could also uncheck the Remember Password box while logging in to Maxthon account for extra security." None of that is practical for everyday usage... I WANT, when I'm using Maxthon, for auto-fill to just work, but I DON'T want to have to manually toggle settings each time I use it. I agree not remembering login password & therefore not auto-logging in will give a similar effect to keyring password, but I suspect you'll be implementing it for the macOS version (& Linux if you ever do again) as it's expected on those systems. Not entering the keyring password doesn't remove any settings/plugins/themes, it just stops someone else getting auto-fill passwords. It's a simple to implement feature (as you already have account password for 'Passkeeper'), so it could just prompt (which could be a setting to do/not) upon loading Maxthon & then you'd be the only password safe Windows browser. Out of interest, today, Maxthon DID keep yesterday's open tabs... hasn't done this all week & no settings changed yesterday!
  21. Hello! I see you've added secure DNS, but not put anything selectable (e.g. CloudFlare) & the text in the box doesn't fit & isn't shown when cursor held overtop Here's today's crash report reports.7z Although common for Chromium based browsers in Linux, I've not seen any Windows browser ask for the keyring password upon loading... This means, if anyone uses my computer & loads Maxthon, it'll automatically auto-fill any stored details if they goto such sites. In Linux, upon loading the browser, the user is prompted for the keyring password... enter it & auto-fill will work as per normal, but don't enter it & the browser works fine, but there's no stored auto-fill details... This has always been a serious omission in Windows & would be so very easy in implement in Maxthon, making them, potentially, the ONLY secure Windows browser!
  22. Hello! Today, started doing the same (lost tabs & loading i.maxask.com), but before it could finish, just exit out, no errors & upon reloading, no messages & again loaded i.maxask.com, but this time loaded ok
  23. Hello! With "Continue where you left off" ticked & multiple open tabs, exit & reload & just goes to https://i.maxask.com/ Tried again & the same
  24. Hello! That wouldn't be possible as, as I said, I just get an empty title bar & a white page... there's no menu, no controls, no content... Would it be possible to disable the extensions outside of Maxthon (i.e. edit a file)?
  25. Hello! Whilst that may be true, I just tried to download the same file again today & this time the file size is shown... This was from DropBox, so a well known company, but it can be with any download, from any of company, it's just not often or consistent. Bigger issue... shutdown ok yesterday, no problems, started up today & Maxthon wouldn't load (just empty title bar & white screen)... Exit via Microsoft's Process Explorer (an advanced Task Manager replacement), tried again & same. Reinstalled, same, uninstalled first keeping & later without keeping settings & reinstalled, same, uninstalled via HiBit Uninstaller to remove traces & reinstalled, same, uninstalled without keeping settings & reinstalled & finally worked ok! Had this issue many times before, but not recently.