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  1. Hello! On the About screen you're still listing "Twitter" with the 'bird' logo... It hasn't been called that or use that logo for quite a while now, so maybe update that!?
  2. Hello! If this is the case, then why bother fixing ANY current bugs as the developer will have to start again with the new core anyway!?
  3. It's been doing that for quite a few versions, not just the last one... Have to reselect email address, in the password field & then it enters the password
  4. Hello! Since other 'one man band' browsers (I see this time you didn't say "team", but instead just "developer") are able to update the core within a week of release, why then does Maxthon take YEARS!? Few people, if any, want or care about the 'little features' you add & then repeatedly fix as they didn't work, so don't bother with them! I seem to recall, before the current v109 core, briefly, Maxthon did release with an updated core, but then, due to compatibility issues with some Chinese websites, they reverted back to v109 (to keep compatibility with Windows 7/8)... However, it did NOT take YEARS to revert back! From a programming point of view, the core should be nothing more than a bunch of APIs that simply replace the old ones... You're NOT starting with Chromium source code & then changing it en masse to add in the 'Maxthon' features, look & feel, etc (at least, you certainly shouldn't be, so if you are, then STOP doing that & ask someone how to do it properly!). If you really want to keep Windows 7/8 compatibility, despite the user base being quite low, then use a forked Chromium with XP+ compatibility (like Supermium does) as your base.
  5. Hello! Probably the wrong place to say this, but in the Android version, going into Passkeeper & then searching for anything, immediately drops out of Passkeeper... been doing it for months
  6. Had it hundreds of times, on multiple computers, running different releases of Windows (8.1, 10, 11), ever since Maxthon v6 released, with various different extensions. Might be a factor that I download a LOT of programs for a large software library, generally 30+ per day... Shouldn't matter, obviously, but maybe most people aren't downloading as much, so not getting the caching issues!?
  7. Hello! This version, like most since v6 released, is still getting duplicates in the download manager, which aren't removed when clearing the list, still confirming a caching issue. Tried on multiple computers over the last few years & no commonalities as different hardware, Windows versions & extensions.
  8. Hello! It doesn't do it every day, but has done it since Maxthon v6 was first released & continues into v7. The extensions I have now are different to those I had before, so I don't think they're the cause. It's also done this on multiple computers, running Windows 8.1, 10 & 11, so although I agree, cache is clearly the cause, manually clearing it can not be the solution as that doesn't fix anything, just maybe temporarily halt it. When duplicates are listed, clearing the download list leaves all the duplicates, but exiting Maxthon & restarting then doesn't show them. This is clearly a caching logic issue that I've been reporting for the last few years. Most days, I download updates to a large software suite, sometimes 30-40 per day... I can't say that I recall seeing the issue when there were only a few updates per day.
  9. Hello! Getting duplicate entries in Download Manager again:
  10. Hello! Had issue with DuckDuckGo not searching, so checked search engine settings in Maxthon... Most engines were missing, so restored defaults & then had 2x DuckDuckGo... Removed one of them, but then couldn't select DuckDuckGo as now missing from options!
  11. Hello! Do you bother to fix major (& minor) security issues in the various plugins? For example, the high-risk V8 vulnerability, CVE-2024-4947?
  12. Changed the UA (to current everything) & then worked ok for me
  13. Since Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & Opera are all Chromium based, the same as Maxthon, I suspect Magdalene may be right &, potentially, we're just waiting on a core update, which, we're assured, 'they're working on it'... if only that hadn't been the case for nearly 18 months, I'd be more inclined to believe it! 🤔
  14. Hello! When I goto: mx://components it shows: Widevine Content Decryption Module - Version: & when I click 'Check for update' it downloads & then says Version: 4.10.2710.0. If I goto: https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm it shows I have Widevine support & plays back at 1920x1080. When I goto Amazon Prime, it plays back fine, but says: I tried changing the UA to latest everything, but still get the same... My obvious question here is, Widevine would now appear to be included, but with restrictions... do you know what the restrictions are & why & is there a way to overcome them!?
  15. Hello! Tried again this morning & exactly the same. When I right click Vbox & click settings, it just takes me into Maxthon's 'Advanced' settings page (although the address is spelt wrong: mx://settings/advance)... I don't see the options you're showing
  16. Hello! Doesn't seem to be option to start again, but first 2 times clicked Vbox this morning, just got error "3". Then it let me continue & once again, selecting 044 for UK doesn't display after selecting, but also, after entering phone number & clicking send, it doesn't send anything & just gets another server error: (I've deleted the phone number from the picture here)
  17. Hello! Text was in Chinese (despite specifying UK) Got multiple 'server internal error's & one error that just said "3"! When selecting 044 for country code, the code isn't shown after
  18. Hello! Version (64-bit) 0816 (installed) & previous version... After installing, doesn't display quick launch, all plugins crash, can't click anything in Maxthon, but after exit & reload, is ok. Here's the crashpad Crashpad.7z
  19. Mx6 beta The Ctrl + F1 snap now has Chinese characters in the description. Lloydsbank.com now can't sign-in (was ok with previous beta). national-lottery.co.uk still broken with just spinning life signs for some images on home page. The new download manager is still not good enough (i.e. not as good as Mx5)... why keep going backwards!? The window isn't even resizable & now instead of a downward facing arrow icon, there's now just a black circle. Good minimizer to tray finally added in, but still would benefit from status bar (like Mx5). Still no website thumbnails or selectable images (could use favicon, a Mx/web database or locally chosen)
  20. When I say there's no indicator for zoom % with +/- on screen, I mean ON SCREEN, not just on the menu. Mx5 had a status bar which showed current zoom & had visible controls. The Ctrl + left/right, ONLY goes between tabs & not words when focus is on a field... this is VERY annoying! A screenshot of a dark background isn't going to help as the darkness will vary between monitors... on mine, I use the sun rise/set picture & the text at the top right isn't visible... If it was inverted to white, it would be readable. This needs to be dynamic, based on the picture darkness in that area (perhaps just XOR).
  21. 1. After downloading a file, if that file is renamed or deleted outside of Maxthon, then the 'open folder' link in download manager doesn't work. As the folder itself still exists, it should still open 2. After downloading a file, if that file is renamed or deleted outside of Maxthon, then there is no option to restart the download. Can click the URL link, but then have to browse to/select destination folder again 3. If a download is paused, clicking 'Clear all' removes the paused download as well as the completed ones from the list 4. If website viewed at 100%, no indication ON SCREEN how to zoom in/out - only shows if not 100% & even then only shows a magnifying glass icon, doesn't show the zoom +/-%. can't just be on the menu - not user friendly 5. Download manager doesn't have resume (e.g. after internet disruption) or restart- the screenshot they showed me doesn't exist in current stable or last beta 6. While running a beta version, auto-update NEEDS to actually work for ALL new versions, not just those you think are important. This is also true when running stable, but with the added option of updating to beta too. If there's a new version available, then that means you've fixed, improved or added something so in some way, it's better than the previous version... obviously, people are going to want the better version, especially while Mx6 still has many unresolved issues 7. nsandi.com - auto-fill doesn't remember the NS&I number, only the Surname + Password 8. While reporting bugs in 'Submit Feedback', would be good to be able to access previous posts & replies 9. No quick or easy access to User Agent, like in Mx5 10. Still getting black on dark background picture on quick launch page, so text unreadable as almost invisible
  22. Just tried latest Mx6.1.1.1000 & still missing LOTS from Mx5 & still getting compatibility issues: 1. download file size not displayed before download has already started... need to know size to know where to store 2. quick launch thumbnails... still missing... could also offer to use website favicon image 3. download auto-rename... doesn't work at all unless folder has already been parsed. also, auto-renames if download name exists in parsed folder, even if about to browse to another where it doesn't exist. MUST parse folder BEFORE checking 4. minimize to system tray missing 5. not compatible with hotmail/outlook email... after (seems random) few seconds, the page refreshes back to inbox, losing anything typed in a new message 6. Ctrl + left/right should, when focus is on a field, move between words, NOT tabs, unless focus is on page 7. download manager doesn't have resume or restart 8. help/about Maxthon link goes to already open about page - should be maxthon.com 9. no status bar showing IP, RAM, CPU, zoom 10. if website viewed at 100%, no indication how to zoom in/out (only shows if not 100%) I've used the built-in send feedback MANY times over the last month, reporting MANY bugs & issues, but had ZERO replies, hence now posting here instead!