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  1. When I first installed v4.4.4.600, ABP didn't seem to be working well at all. On some sites ads were blocked, on others not. I was getting ads showing on sites that AH used to block, couldn't work it out. It seems that, when first installed, ABP by default loads the Maxthon List and EasyList filters. On checking the filters I noticed that the EasyList filter wasn't downloading/updating, Maxthon List was fine, but many ads were not being blocked. So I deleted these two filters and instead installed the ABPindo+EasyList from the filter subscription list, which downloaded/updated ok. Cleared all browsing data, restarted Maxthon and all ads are now being blocked. ABP is working as it should, no ads at all, even on YouTube, which has always been a pain for me in the past. I'm not really noticing any significant slowdown in browsing. Memory use is a little higher but that's only the same as happens with ABP installed in other browsers and this is a Beta so maybe memory use will decrease in later versions. CPU and memory use will be higher depending on what kind of site you're viewing, sites heavily laden with ads, newspaper sites etc. But that's normal if you compare it to other browsers with ABP or any other ad blocker installed, some are heavier on resources than others. I don't know if this helps anyone who's not seeing the benefit of having ABP running. I'm only posting my experience and what I'm seeing. At first I was totally unimpressed with it, but after changing the filters as described I now see that ABP is a good addition to Maxthon. It's making it a better browsing experience for me, and that's all I want. No adverts.