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  1. You're right it's not downloading from twitter. My advice to you is be like me I purchased Internet download manager IDM and it's the best downloader so far It lets me download everything I need from YT Twitter FB and you name it.
  2. Working here if you mean that when you click ctrl+click it opens that link in a new tab
  3. You can but first you have to change your default search engine from Google to anything else Then delete Google After that Add it back with whatever search you need I recommend you to exit maxthon and then you can set google as your default engine Here I attached my google string
  4. My system is on windows 10 pro My main language is English with Arabic support My Maxthon is in English
  5. Well in order to give credits, you could have at least given me 2 vpoints when I signed up so that I could give it to a post I like or added options to credit someone with other than vpoints that when accumulated can be turned into vpoints In the end those with 0 vpoints like me cannot credit anyone
  6. BTW When I signed up for vbox the confirmation email sent to me was in Chinese Could you please send it in English for all users if you can't send it with their official languages.
  7. I recommend you to uninstall MX6.1.1.1000 completely using a powerful uninstall program like Iobit's Uninstaller Then download MX6.1.1.1000 portable and check it instead of installing older versions If it gives the same results then check older portable versions to see which one is better for you Hope this helps
  8. This is the default installation location if you don't want it there you'll have to clean uninstall Maxthon first
  9. At last Google Maps location bug is fixed Thanks a lot Now I can open many sites with Mx6 instead of other browsers WTG
  10. I can confirm this too. They always open in foreground tab.
  11. You can click windows logo and "a" to show notification and you can see them there choose settings for the ones you don't need and set to not show again
  12. I guess it's easier to just make a patch file that will do all those steps automatically instead of asking to do it step by step one file when run will go to the directory and compress the folder
  13. This is enable right click extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/enable-right-click/bofdamlbkfkjnecfjbhpncokfalmmbii here is reload failed images extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/images-reloader/cfnnfecmcnfcjohnkmaojedpmnjpeoik
  14. here is the latest give it a try https://dl.maxthon.cn/mx6/maxthon_6.1.0.400_beta_x64.exe Update: here is it on google drive if you still can't download the first one https://drive.google.com/file/d/18ZtpOUAC7p9-UyfGIx-1kFdNZ6G9BFJE/view?usp=sharing