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  1. I wasn't expecting it to happen so how can I reproduce it? That means I have to uninstall this new version then install older version then reinstall the newer version again to see if it happens or not That would be tiresome It happened so I mentioned it after I discovered it Maybe now a new user is going to record it for you And do you have our suggestions to you prioritized or at least recorded as numbered suggestions so we can hope that they're not forgotten and maybe one day are going to be introduced
  2. I installed the latest beta and after I restarted it I lost all my pinned tabs I had to reopen them from history which is a pain why don't you add open all checked tabs from history
  3. Hi AaronX Have you tried migel's method? Are you trying to find the solution or just angry about it There will always be a version where it's working fine with some and not working with others Maybe you have something in your system that's causing the issue BTW I always recommend a reboot after a clean uninstall before reinstalling and starting Maxthon with no added extensions to make sure they're not causing a problem
  4. Tried the portable version too worked fine didn't crash Check to see if https://pc-uc.maxthon.com/i/login.html?ret= starts with retro mode like it did to me I switched it to ultra mode and it showed up
  5. I think it's already there with right click on tab no problem with installed version
  6. Yeah I asked for this feature a while ago but they say suggestion recorded So wait till one dev thinks it's time to implement it God knows when.
  7. Yes I have the same the old one where the tabs are small is better
  8. No they haven't They just update serious bugs
  9. 1. change your default engine to Bing or another 2. delete google default search 3. add your search engine 4. make it default 5. restart to check
  10. Why don't you use an extension check this one out https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bookmark-sidebar/jdbnofccmhefkmjbkkdkfiicjkgofkdh/related?hl=en Hello If you mean sending pictures from within Instagram I tried it with MX6 and everything's OK
  11. 1. I recommend you to fully uninstall mx6 by uninstaller like IoBit uninstaller which will completely erase all leftovers 2. reboot windows 3. check windows default browser to see if there is still sign of Maxthon If not 4. clean install Mx6 to the default location
  12. I see that but mine is configured through Shortcuts management try it there
  13. Unfortunately they are all checked Have you tried reproducing the problem? Just try it and tell me if it's OK with you first
  14. Could you please make a pinned tab locked so when I use an alias it opens in a new window not on my current pinned tab For instance I use F4 to open my home page I need it to open when clicked in a new tab not the current and especially not replacing my pinned tab
  15. You can only go to password keeper and delete all instances of the site you're getting auto complete on I think
  16. You're right it's not downloading from twitter. My advice to you is be like me I purchased Internet download manager IDM and it's the best downloader so far It lets me download everything I need from YT Twitter FB and you name it.
  17. Working here if you mean that when you click ctrl+click it opens that link in a new tab
  18. You can but first you have to change your default search engine from Google to anything else Then delete Google After that Add it back with whatever search you need I recommend you to exit maxthon and then you can set google as your default engine Here I attached my google string
  19. My system is on windows 10 pro My main language is English with Arabic support My Maxthon is in English
  20. Well in order to give credits, you could have at least given me 2 vpoints when I signed up so that I could give it to a post I like or added options to credit someone with other than vpoints that when accumulated can be turned into vpoints In the end those with 0 vpoints like me cannot credit anyone
  21. BTW When I signed up for vbox the confirmation email sent to me was in Chinese Could you please send it in English for all users if you can't send it with their official languages.