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  1. Try downloading the latest beta Google drive accepted it with me
  2. Worked for me Edit: the second time I opened the site the circle kept spinning Edit 2 Most browser took too long to open this site It will open but takes time with Maxthon too
  3. Thank you for enabling ctrl + numeric keypad plus and minus for zooming and ctrl 0 for resetting zoom to 100%
  4. Have you tried installing Then copying user data before starting maxthon
  5. Working fine with me It saved DuckDuckGo as default even after restarting Maxthon
  6. I have an adobe account and It gave me the same result with cent browser and firefox too
  7. me too --------------------------------------------------------------------- And Still the zoom control with numeric keypad is not functioning All other browsers has it including all Chromium based ones
  8. Firefox is not a chromium based browser And I also checked that site with Internet Explorer not edge the chromium based browser All gave me the same result Looks OK here no errors everything's fine That is right. It used to work so what happened? Why is it not working now? BTW: It works with all other browsers I tested on
  9. I used to reset zoom size to 100% by clicking ctrl + keypad 0 It no longer works Just the ctrl + 0 on the numbers row works Edit: All the zoom increase and decrease size also don't work from the keypad
  10. Yes it doesn't save it as .jpg but when downloading it was OK But for that site all other browser save it as .webp format too I tried Firefox , Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi
  11. me too Mx6 has a symbol top right corner
  12. May I ask why are you using the 32 bit version not the 64 bit? and BTW there is a newer version Version6.1.2.2200(64-bit)0801
  13. You can only set it to 999 only not more than that I'm already logged in I cannot find the password generator when there is a password filling form Try this I went to acer.com tried to create an account in the form there isn't any suggestion for passwords like it used to be with MX5 here is Maxthon 5
  14. Does anyone know where has the suggest password gone?
  15. Thank you Dong Dong But that's not so easy for newbies I wanted them to put it on the bookmark toolbar right click for easier access
  16. What is the easiest way to export bookmarks I found it not easy I had to go to mx://bookmarks/ to export which is not available at hand Could you please add import and export to the right click of the bookmarks toolbar And it is a good idea to add a shortcut to go to mx://bookmarks/ too
  17. This won't work with maxthon It will take you to mx://settings/