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  1. Hi there. Hoping this forum can help. Easy enough to import bookmarks from MX5 to MX6. Would like to get Maxnote content across as well. This is all on the same PC. Not talking about syncing, just transfering/importing/exporting on the one PC. Bookmarks and Maxnote seem to be inter-related in MX5, separate in MX6. In my MX5, bookmarks and maxnote content are the same links/sites. I only want/use website links in maxnote. I don't bother with snapshots or other content in Maxnote. I have found and copied over Molebox.dat and associated notes folder found in MX5, with no successful result. Is there a way to transfer MX5 Maxnote content into MX6 Maxnote? I hope there is! Thanks for any advice.