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  1. Doesn't work on your advice! I need tabs from bookmarks to open like in history! As shown in the video, that is, staying on one tab, the rest, when opened in the sidebar of bookmarks, opened in the background! Запись экрана 3 от 29 июня.mp4 So that bookmarks from the sidebar open like in this video, staying on the first tab, the rest open in the background! 1025244653_229.mp4
  2. Good afternoon, tell me please!? The browser version is the latest, I open bookmarks in the sidebar, when I click on the link, it constantly opens in a new active window! How to make it so that staying on the active tab, clicking on a link in the bookmarks does not go to this tab, but opens in the background?
  3. Good afternoon, my name is Andrey, I'm from Ukraine! I have been using Maxthon since the third version! Happy to join the community!