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  1. Asi don't know this page exist that means i didn't touch anything. In quick fly look i saw mostly word "default" or disabled is there any way how to make long screenshot of all settings or is there any exact settings u want to know? In previous version all was working well.
  2. Other browser - edge - is working well and the same is incognito mode. See on the right side that the scrollbar disappear and then i can't scroll at all 1645767477_maxthonscrolldisabled.webm
  3. Hello, after automatic update to 6.2.0-1600 i am not able to scroll down some web pages. While the webpage is loading (for ex. novinky.cz or https://support.industry.siemens.com/forum) After the page is fully loaded the right scrollbar disappear and i am not able to scroll the page with mouse wheel nor arrows on keyboard. Its on 2 computers from 2. I tried to disable all addons (ad block, dark reader) and nothing changed. Incognito mode works well