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  1. This is the most logical step. Thanks a lot to everyone for taking your time and trying to help.
  2. Yes, this is one of the things I tried. I tested literally every single UA and the problem persists. Was really hopeful about this, but sadly it still doesn't work. Thanks a lot for both suggestions.
  3. Hello everyone. I've been using Maxthon 5 for almost 3 years now and never had a problem until now. Since yesterday I'm completely unable to sign in to my Google account using Maxthon 5. I get the infamous text: "This browser or app may not be secure. Learn more - Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in." Now, the PC runs with Windows XP and that's why I can't update to Maxthon 6. Of course I had to switch to a different web browser, but I was just wondering if maybe there's a way to fix it, a workaround of some sort, maybe someone went through a similar experience. I tried a couple of things that I found online but didn't work. I know it's weird to use Windows XP in 2021. Thanks to whoever might help with this case.