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  1. 1. I'm starting the download file. The downloader window appears. All OK. 2. I go to another page, the download window closes. I open the window through the top downloader icon. The download window is frozen (not active?). 3. But download file continues. If you move the cursor to the window icon in the task tray (bottom), the download window is unfrozen.
  2. "Nice" updates. From the page I put a file on the download in the download manager. Closed the page. The download is stuck, the window is not responding. I am already silent about the Ctrl+F1 combination stopper outside the browser. This has been going on since the release of the 6th version and, perhaps, will be fixed in 9 or 10 versions. Or maybe never... Sorry for Google-English
  3. No, only MX6 PC Beta There is a bug with Ctrl+F1 exactly from the very beginning of the 6th version. Whether he was in the 5th I don't remember... =========================================== I don't use the Screenshot extension, but it always hangs in memory. It would be nice to be able to turn it off (or better yet, delete) and clear it from memory.
  4. Screenshot - the default hotkey is Ctrl+F1. I replace it with Ctrl+Shift+F8 - it works, even Ctrl+F1 does not work in third-party programs (for example, Far Manager). If you remove the hotkey at all, Ctrl+F1 does not work anywhere ... This bug lasts from God knows what other version. How long?