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  1. Hello! About #2 Wrong layout of text in Extensions tab: maybe last time the window of Maxthon was too narrow. But now I'm expand it and seems it's OK! As regards #1 Adding the view of the path to source of the downloaded file in Download Manager - will wait (see attach). Thank you for your quick answer and support!
  2. Hello to all! 1.Can you add the view of the path to source of the downloaded file to right click menu on the task that listed in Download Manager (all the same way as it was in Maxthon v5)? Sometimes it's very useful! 2.Wrong layout of text at upper right corner in Extensions tab when developer mode is enabled (in RU localization) - the text is partly over the borders and not fully visible Please, rely on the reach features that was realized in Maxthon v5. That was the true reason why your browser still very popular over others between the developers! Thank you in advance! All together we can make the best browser ever!!! Conf: Win7x64, 1280x1024, MX v6.1.2.1000 x64 Portable