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  1. Hi Sergey_K, thank you for your suggestion. We will note it down and put in a request to the development team.
  2. Hi Rainman, you could go to Settings > Mouse Gesture > Shortcut Management, to customize your shortcuts accordingly.
  3. Hi brian67, thank you for your feedback. We are unable to give you a definite timeframe when all these features will be added as our development team are working on optimizing quite a few features and also working on the bugs found. But please be assured that we have took note of this and have already let our team know and this will definitely be optimized in the future versions.
  4. Hi Mr. SS, we will forward your request to the product and development team. Please allow some time for them to review and check how optimization can be done.
  5. Hi Mr. SS, thanks for your feedback. We have noted down your request for our team's consideration to add this feature in the near future version.
  6. Hi Mr. SS, you could go to Settings in MX6 to change your selection for cookies. Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Cookies and Site Data
  7. Hi Mr. SS, thank you for your suggestion. We will add in this feature to the future version as soon as possible.
  8. Hi Dong Dong, please be assured that we have noted down your request. Currently, the engineers are working on optimizing a few functions and fixing bugs. Sidebar and status bar are on the request list and pending for schedule. Would really appreciate your patience while our team work on it. Thank you
  9. Hi Mr. SS, noted on your suggestion. We will feedback to the development team
  10. Hi Mr. SS, the following is my setting. Maybe you could give it a try and see if it works for you? I have tried opening both internal and external link and it works well. Internal link is open in current tab while external link is open in a new tab right beside the current tab. If it still doesn't work out for you, kindly provide us screenshot or video so we could feedback to the team.
  11. Hi Mr. SS, regarding the issue of tab position and the order, we have reported it to the development team. For this, we have it under settings for your own preference.
  12. Hi Mr. SS, we have tried to test this issue. If you select the option "create a new tab to the right of all tabs," the tabs can be opened in positive order.
  13. Hi Dong Dong, we have forwarded your request to the product team for their consideration to include in the future MX6. Thank you.
  14. Hi Mr. SS, we will record this request and report it to the product team.?