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  1. Hi Cute Little Ahri, thanks for pointing this out. We have reported this bug to the development team.
  2. Hi Rainw, as of now we are unable to give a specific date as the development team is still looking into the technicality of sidebar. The sidebar will be introduced at a later date. In the meantime, could you kindly provide suggestions on what specific function/feature you would like to have in the sidebar?
  3. Hi Cute Little Ahri, could you check if you have clicked on the night mode button? It's on the top right bar
  4. Hi Bosco, we have already put up this request to the development team Hi thereddevilrulez, thank you for your suggestions. We have already recorded your requests and forward it to the development team for their consideration.
  5. Hi mcfrag, currently the column width cannot be adjusted. We have already feedback to the development team and they will look into optimizing this for future version.
  6. Hi mxuser, thanks for your feedback. We will flag out this issue to the development team. Hi Roman0, we have already flagged out this issue to the development team
  7. Hi martinstz, we have managed to reproduce this issue. We will report this bug to the development team.
  8. Hi martinstz, we have reproduced the same issue on our end. This bug has been reported to the development team.
  9. Hi HardCode, you should be able to change the search engine in Settings < General < Search Engine
  10. Hi martinstz, I couldn't view your attached video. Could you kindly upload it again for us to see the issue? Thank you.
  11. Hi 14615246, you could try to customize User Agent or try to login using MX6 instead? https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/25261-mx-6-mx-5-updated-user-agent/ Thank you for your feedback, we will record your request for the development team's consideration.
  12. Hi darknessblade, the development team is looking to optimize this feature.
  13. Hi DONG DONG, does the auto refresh applies to all the tabs? Or just on certain websites?
  14. Hi DONG DONG @Jane, could you check if your Refresh setting for tab is disabled?
  15. Hi Jane, could you try to install the latest version V6.1.2.1900 and see if you encounter the same issue? Hi rambo, bug reported. The development team will look into this issue.
  16. Hi kasko, thank you for flagging this out. This request has been recorded and the development team will look into it
  17. Hi Jane, may I know which version of MX6 are you referring to?
  18. Hi Rainman, could you show us a screenshot of the 'save as' function on opera? I have tried installing opera on android to test it out but did not see any save as feature.
  19. Hi Rainman, could you let us know which other browser has got this "save as" function for android? Hi DONG DONG, we have reported this bug to the development team.
  20. Hi DONG DONG, do you experience the same problem if restore page zoom?
  21. Hi rambo, thank you for flagging out this issue. We have reported this bug and the development team will look into it soon.
  22. Hi DONG DONG, are you able to show us a video on how this issue occurs? Just to check, did you open incognito window?
  23. Hi Dey, welcome to Maxthon Forum! You could download and install our latest version V6.1.2.1801. We have just added in the status bar in this new version
  24. Hi caligula73, thanks for your suggestion. We will note down this request and forward to the development team.
  25. Hi AaronX, could you please provide a video to show us the error and also the crash data?