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  1. Hi Adminspb, it is difficult for us to give a specific timeframe for each and every requests submitted as the team will have to discuss and work on it. Every single feature or function added/removed/changed will have an impact on the browser's functionality such as bugs occurrence and memory usage; which the team will have to look into it again and make the necessary optimization. Thus, we hope to seek your understanding and patience as the team strives to optimize MX6 to enhance user's experience.
  2. Hi JoeRee1968, could you provide a video of this problem for us to look into it?
  3. Hi suphamster, we have noted down your request. May I also know at which websites did you encounter the prompting of outdated browser?
  4. Hi JoeRee1968, may I know which website did you save as a shortcut so we could do some testing on our end?
  5. Hi Adminspb, thanks for the suggestion. We will note down your request.
  6. Hi RMO, this should be due to the chromium version. The team will optimize this in the future updated version.
  7. Hi Zanzibar, we have already feedback this issue to the development team. They will optimize this in the future version.
  8. Hi rambo, usually the development team will not push for update in beta version unless they have fixed a serious bug. Please kindly download and install the latest version manually here: V6.1.2.3600
  9. Hi grisp1, I have tested this website and was able to get the location info in incognito mode. May I know which window version are you using?
  10. Hi trump98, we have already forward your suggestion to the product team for review.
  11. Hi maccafan1, are you using version 3300 now? May I know which version will you using previously? And was it install or portable version? Could you kindly backup your local data and install the latest 3400 version to see if the problem persist?
  12. Hi szyp, it should be under extensions at the top right hand corner. You could choose to pin it so it will appear as a function at the address bar. Alternatively, you could find it under Settings < Extensions < Resource Sniff, and you could click to turn it on.
  13. Hi maccafan1, do you see your saved notes under Maxnote? Hi Hampus, you could just go to Settings > General > Search Engine > Select Google. Alternatively, you could also click on Manage Engines to delete Google Max if you want to.
  14. Hi maccafan1, could you logon to uu.me and see if the notes saved are reflected in there?
  15. Hi 14615246, thanks for informing. We have notified the development team about this and they will look into this issue.
  16. Hi S1v, I tried creating an account and login after that and I encountered the same error in MX6, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Maybe you would like to contact Adobe and find out the cause of the error?
  17. Hi Luisoff, I have no problem accessing both the websites. Maybe you could try to disable all extensions and try again?
  18. Hi rambo, currently we do not have the option to disable the function. I will note down your request
  19. Hi ZorMi, I tried your link on other browsers and it was prompted to save as webp format as well. Alot of browsers will support webp format to compress all the images so to enhance user experience.
  20. Hi Toros, may I know if you are experiencing any issue for this function?
  21. Hi 15675297, could you try the install version and see if you experience the same issue?
  22. Hi nogain, thank you for your suggestions. Requests noted
  23. Hi rambo, thank you for your suggestions. We have recorded your requests
  24. Hi rambo, yes we moved it to the submenu because there are users' feedback saying they tend to click on delete accidentally when on the main menu. These are the functions that were already in place. This is under 'Add to the new tab page' sub-menu.