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  1. Hi rambo, could you try to install the latest version V6.1.3.409 and see if you encounter the same problem?
  2. Hi Dragoncho, may I know which version are you using? Could you install the latest version V6.1.3.409 and try to see if you encounter the same problem? For new tab page, only recommended websites will have the "hot" selection. Other websites that are added by users usually do not have the hot selection. This will be added in the future versions. There's a quick save function. Press "Ctrl" and left click on mouse We will put up this request to the development team for their consideration
  3. Could you kindly record a short video of this issue so we could forward it to the team to look further into it?
  4. Request recorded Thanks Zanzibar for informing us. Could you forward us your crash report so we could look further into it?
  5. Hi Mr. SS, could you provide us with a specific image link so we could test it out on our end? Thank you for notifying us. We have already reported this to the development team and they will try to optimize it as soon as possible,
  6. Hi Zanzibar, we have already feedback this issue to the development team. They will optimize this in the future version.
  7. Hi rambo, usually the development team will not push for update in beta version unless they have fixed a serious bug. Please kindly download and install the latest version manually here: V6.1.2.3600
  8. Hi trump98, we have already forward your suggestion to the product team for review.
  9. Hi 14615246, thanks for informing. We have notified the development team about this and they will look into this issue.
  10. Hi rambo, currently we do not have the option to disable the function. I will note down your request
  11. Hi Toros, may I know if you are experiencing any issue for this function?
  12. Hi nogain, thank you for your suggestions. Requests noted
  13. Hi rambo, thank you for your suggestions. We have recorded your requests
  14. Hi rambo, yes we moved it to the submenu because there are users' feedback saying they tend to click on delete accidentally when on the main menu. These are the functions that were already in place. This is under 'Add to the new tab page' sub-menu.
  15. Hi JoeRee1968, you could just send whatever is available in the log files for us to look into it
  16. Hi JoeRee1968, could you provide the log files for this account for us to look into it?
  17. Hi JoeRee1968, do you mean your account details are not sync or you couldn't log into your account? Could you kindly show us a screenshot/video on this issue?
  18. Hi Massor, you could just drag the link and it will be opened in the background tab. In the latest 2401 version, make sure the "Always open new foreground tab when using super drag" is unchecked. Alternatively, you could press once on your middle mouse button and the link will be opened in the background.
  19. Hi rambo, thanks for the suggestion. Request recorded
  20. Hi Rainman, could you try and install the latest 2200 version and see if you encounter the same issue?
  21. Hi Mr. SS, could you send us whatever log files you have on hand so we could take a look?
  22. Hi Rainw, as of now we are unable to give a specific date as the development team is still looking into the technicality of sidebar. The sidebar will be introduced at a later date. In the meantime, could you kindly provide suggestions on what specific function/feature you would like to have in the sidebar?
  23. Hi martinstz, we have managed to reproduce this issue. We will report this bug to the development team.
  24. Hi martinstz, we have reproduced the same issue on our end. This bug has been reported to the development team.