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  1. Hi MichaelC362, request recorded. Our team will look into optimizing the download manager.
  2. Hi NICE_JAY, welcome to Maxthon Community! Glad that you enjoyed MX5 and we would appreciate if you could download and install MX6 and give it a try!
  3. Hi caligula73, request recorded.
  4. Hi caligula73, kindly go into mx://flags/,then Disable "Tab Hover Card Images"
  5. Hi caligula73, may I ask if there's a specific reason why you need to view the full address? As once cursor is placed near the address bar or once you clicked on the address bar, the full address will appear.
  6. Hi Nabeel Pirooz Mehr, the pushing of update notification will be optimized in the near future.
  7. Hi wOLVERINe, request recorded. The development team will optimize this function in future updates.
  8. Hi @gazumba @Alpha07 yes, could I trouble you to disable status bar and try to see if you still encounter the same problem? Thank you.
  9. Hi @gazumba @Alpha07 just to check, did you activate the status bar? And did you encounter this same problem in version
  10. Thank you Alpha07, we have already informed the development team on this request and they will look into it to see how they could optimize the feature
  11. Hi zork, we have already informed the development team about this issue and they will look into it.
  12. Hi cristiankirk, not sure if it's possible but we would like to suggest that you upgrade your windows to 7/8/10 and try installing MX6 to give it a try
  13. Hi Alpha07, thanks for your suggestion. May I know if there are any browsers that support this function? If yes, kindly let us know which browser so we could feedback to the development team.
  14. Hi zork, may I know which theme are you using?
  15. Hi @skidude1758732 @gazumba @Alpha07, we are trying to test this issue on our end and would appreciate if you could help to download and install the latest version 2200 and see if you experience the same issue. Are there any extensions that were installed on your PC?
  16. Hi Rainman, could you try and install the latest 2200 version and see if you encounter the same issue?
  17. Hi beatreefs and @scottchu.tw, thanks for pointing it out. We have already amended the links
  18. Hi cristiankirk, kindly switch to retro mode in the MX5 browser to proceed with logging in. Click on "Customize UI" icon on the top right corner, select "Toolbar" and checked "Switch Core Button". Afterwhich, make sure your address bar reflects that you are in Retro Mode and you are good to go.
  19. Hi skidude1758732, we could only reproduce the issue of tab freeze upon startup and has flagged this out to the development team. We have tried leaving our PC for a couple of hours and tried it out a few times on and off but couldn't reproduce the same issue. Would appreciate if you could send us a video on tab freezing after leaving the PC unused for awhile so we could forward to the development team.
  20. Hi gazumba, we are unable to reproduce this issue on our end. Could you provide us with a video on this? May I also check what is your Windows 10 OS Build?
  21. Hi una00, are you using the latest version of MX6 on the other PC as well? Could you install the latest version on both PC and try to sync data again?
  22. Hi cristiankirk, welcome to Maxthon community! Do download the latest version of MX6 V6.1.2.2100 and try it out
  23. Hi skidude1758732, did this happen with a long list of previous session or just a few? So this happened right on startup and not after you left the screen unused?
  24. Hi skidude1758732, we will test it out on our end again. Maybe you could try Bandicam? Hi gazumba, appreciate your assistance to try it out. We will do the testing on our end as well. Do keep us updated if you encounter the same issue again after a period of time or with more tabs.