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  1. Hi Paul Andrews, did you see a error message? Could you try to go to the bookmark manager and see if you could manually add in a bookmark?
  2. Hi migel, we have tested Zynga poker online and realised that this game takes up quite alot of memory upon entering. This was ascertain when we tested the game in firefox. Once entered website, the memory taken up hover around 40% or so. Did you open other tabs and had other websites running concurrently while playing the online game?
  3. Hi migel, so this error happens frequently? Could you kindly record a video for us so we could look into it?
  4. Hi maccafan1, are you using the install or portable version? I did some testing on my end and could see the drop down menu after clicking on the three dots. Could you try turning off all the extensions?
  5. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, currently there are no plans to come up with a version that is compatible with Linux. We will record down your request for the team's future consideration
  6. Hi Toros37, the optimization of the download/upload speed is reflected in the status bar as shown in picture. As for your request for the percentage to be reflected, we have recorded your request for the development team to consider.
  7. Hi maccafan1, could you install the latest version V6.1.3.700 and try again? If problem persist, kindly record a video of it so we could look into it.
  8. Hi Zura Chelidze, we will put up a request to the development team.
  9. Hi Zura Chelidze, may I know why would you like to choose a white background? Then perhaps we could put up a request to the development team.
  10. Hi SimoFLC, you could try to restore the bookmarks by following the link below. Kindly update both your android phone and PC to the latest version. Android: PC:
  11. Hi SimoFLC, can I know which version were you using previously? Are you using install or portable version? Was there anything you installed or saved before you realise this error? Do let us know so we could try to reproduce this on our end.
  12. Hi maccafan1, you should be able to locate the downloaded file under your account which is the icon located at the top left corner. There will be a "Downloads" button in there where you can locate all the downloaded files. Alternatively, you should be able to locate it under your notification list.
  13. Hi Zura Chelidze, the background can be changed when you pull down the icons menu and do a refresh. As for the embedded icons, currently we do not support the changing/removal of those default icons that comes with the browser.
  14. Hi SirNasso, yes please kindly provide us with the screenshot.
  15. Hi SirNasso, for the maxask issue, we will be releasing another version with Google Search subsequently. As for the error you encountered, did it happen after you press enter after keying in something? Could you send us a video where you encounter the error so we could look into it?
  16. Hi MrSmithr, currently we do not support the removing/changing of previous location paths. This will be supported in the future version.
  17. Hi Dragoncho, currently the updates notification will not be pushed unless there was a serious bug fixed. We advise users to check back weekly on the Release Notes page for any new updates.
  18. Hi scottchu.tw, this is a known bug and the development team will look into it and optimize for future version. Appreciate your understanding on this as the team have more pressing bugs issue on hand to fix.
  19. Hi Adminspb, this function will be optimized in the future version.
  20. Hi jose carlos coll simon, it seems like someone has login to your passkeeper through these settings and IP. If you are not the one logging in, we would advise you to change your account password.
  21. Hi skidude1758732, the development team has optimized the history function in the latest version Could you download and install this latest version and look through the history list?
  22. Hi nigelburge, if possible could you uninstall the version, reinstall and try logging in again?
  23. Hi nigelburge, are you using wifi? Could you try to use mobile data and see if you could sync?
  24. Hi nigelburge, could you relaunch the browser and try to do a manual sync and refresh to see if it works?
  25. Hi skidude1758732, recently there were more issues with the kernel version so the development team are placing more focus on the browser crashing and data syncing issues. Do be assured that the team are looking into this history logs as well. However, they will require more time since there are more pressing fixes on hand.