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  1. Hi UserMx5, we have already feedback to the development team about this and they will try to add it in as soon as possible.
  2. Hi KSab, could you let us know your system info?
  3. Hi KSab, could you assist to record a video on the issue for changing the search engine? As for the bookmarks bar issue, could you disable all extensions and see if the problem persist?
  4. Welcome Mapantz! Do download our latest versions of MX6 through the following link: https://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes6/ and feel free to post your feedback/suggestion in this forum.
  5. Hi KSab, could you download the latest version V6.2.0.505 and try again?
  6. Hi DONG DONG, could you disable all extensions and try again?
  7. Hi Ktulu789, we have already feedback to the development team and they will consider to add in the option to import all settings in future. This require more planning and testing to add in the function thus will need more time if they were to implement. As of now, you will have to manually add your MX5 settings into MX6.
  8. Hi Ktulu789, current we do not support the import of search engines data. We have already feedback to the development team and they will consider to add it in for future version. You could download AdBlock from the Chrome web store.
  9. Hi DONG DONG, are you using the latest version V6.2.0.500? May I know which website are you referring to for the push notifications so we could test it out on our end?
  10. Hi vedicaudio, try clicking on the sign in button one more time when you see this error and you should be able to login. In case if you still experience the same error after a few clicking, do let us know and we will check with the engineers.
  11. Hi Zura Chelidze, our Passkeeper do not have export function as all passwords are highly encrypted.
  12. Hi Toros37, I have sent you a PM. Kindly check and revert. Thanks!
  13. Hi Toros37, are you using any extension that could be interrupting with the video playback function? Perhaps you could try to disable all extensions and try again? You could also click on the lock icon at the address bar to view site information and check if there were any restrictions to the whatsapp web.
  14. Hi sercherry, could you try the latest pc version V6.1.3.3000 and android version
  15. Hi Dragoncho, we managed to reproduce this issue and has reported to the development team. They might not be able to rectify this issue in time for the current version (which will be released today or tomorrow) but should be able to rectify it for the next version. Appreciate your patience and understanding on this.
  16. Hi sercherry, may I know which version of the browser are you using?
  17. Hi BenReiley, thanks for the log files. If you experience any crash in this version, do send us the crash report for the team to look into it.
  18. Hi BenReiley, you could try to search in the File Explorer under this pathway when you try to install Maxthon browser:
  19. Hi Drowasec, we will ask the engineers to look into this but we would require your email address and phone number for your Maxthon account. Could you kindly PM me your details and we will check on it as soon as possible.
  20. Hi Drowasec, could you try requesting for the confirmation code again? I have tested it out and could not reproduce the same error. In case if you encounter same error, kindly take a screenshot and send it to us.
  21. Hi projektilski, our team is currently looking into this issue and will try to optimize it as soon as possible.