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  1. Hi Arcan, we have tested this issue out on our end but are unable to reproduce it. Could you kindly send us your crash data?
  2. Hi Toros37, this request has been recorded and the development team will add in the downloading function in the future version.
  3. Hi Perplexer, yes MX6 supports Windows 7. Could you let us know what problems did you encounter? It would be good if you could provide us with screenshots or videos so we could look into it.
  4. Hi thereddevilrulez, we have informed the development team on this issue and they will look into as soon as possible.
  5. Hi srahman, welcome to Maxthon community! Feel free to try out the latest MX6 browser and provide feedback/suggestions in this forum
  6. This is great! Thanks!
  7. Hi avegaweiss, may I know your scale and layout settings for both screens?
  8. Hi JoeRee1968, you could just send whatever is available in the log files for us to look into it
  9. Hi UserMx5, we have already put in the request for this. Please understand that the development team has to look into each request submitted and bug occurs on a daily basis. They are trying their best to incorporate every request as much as possible and this require time and effort. We seek your patience for this and do be assured that this scrolling function will be added in subsequently.
  10. Hi JoeRee1968, could you provide the log files for this account for us to look into it?
  11. Hi thereddevilrulez, may I know if you encounter any error/bug while trying to import the history record from MX5?
  12. Hi JoeRee1968, do you mean your account details are not sync or you couldn't log into your account? Could you kindly show us a screenshot/video on this issue?
  13. Hi scottchu.tw, this is because MX5 is using Chromium69 while MX6 uses Chromium89. Which is why MX6 will not have this issue.
  14. Hi Kay, for this command you just need to use the usual left click on the link and it should open in foreground.
  15. Hi scottchu.tw, the next time this popup appears again, could you do us a favour and check on your task manager to see what is the complete command line? Kindly send us a screenshot as follows:
  16. Hi Kay, you could go to Settings < Tab < Always open new foreground tab when clicking link and select it. So once you click on any link, it will be open in the foreground. Currently we do not support the turning off of the feature. However in future versions, the development team will add in the option for users to turn it off if they wish to.
  17. Hi scottchu.tw, could you provide us with a screenshot of the popup for this issue?
  18. Hi avegaweiss, could you kindly record a video of this issue for us so we could see how your screen was resized during screen capturing?
  19. Hi TarMaster, the development team will definitely look into this and add it in for future version. Appreciate your understanding on this.
  20. Hi skidude1758732, currently we do not support the syncing of extensions and history. In near future we will support the syncing of extensions. You could overwrite installation and not uninstall before downloading the new version. Make sure you retain the "user data" folder info.
  21. Hi Toros37, you could try to download the read mode extension from Chrome web store as Maxthon supports Chrome extensions. You may try the following extensions: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clearly-reader/odfonlkabodgbolnmmkdijkaeggofoop/related?hl=en-US https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/reader-view/ecabifbgmdmgdllomnfinbmaellmclnh/related?hl=en-US
  22. Hi skidude1758732, we managed to reproduce this issue on our end and has already feedback to the development team to look into it. Please kindly wait for the team to check on this and do the necessary optimization.
  23. Hi Massor, you could just drag the link and it will be opened in the background tab. In the latest 2401 version, make sure the "Always open new foreground tab when using super drag" is unchecked. Alternatively, you could press once on your middle mouse button and the link will be opened in the background.