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  1. Hi scottchu.tw, may I know if you download the installed or portable version? Could you download and install a fresh version (make sure it doesn't overwrite the current one) and try login and see if you experience the same error?
  2. Hi scottchu.tw, kindly go to your computer settings and go to keyboard shortcuts settings. Make sure 'underline access keys when available' is turned on and the underscore should appear permanently.
  3. Hi scottchu.tw, could you try pressing “Alt” key together when you right click on your mouse? Just press on Alt key once you right click and the menu should show with the underscore.
  4. Hi scottchu.tw, do you see the options in my attachment? All those underlined are the hotkeys assigned.
  5. Hi nogain, you could use our cloud backup in uu.me. Just sign in to uu.me and go under Passkeeper.
  6. Hi scottchu.tw, now you could perform a quick save on image. This is under Settings < General < Quick Save Images
  7. Hi brandcraftdesigns, welcome to Maxthon community! Do try out our MX6 latest version and give your feedback/suggestions to us
  8. Hi scottchu.tw, you could go to shortcut management and change the shortcut accordingly. Settings < Mouse Gesture < Shortcut Management
  9. Hi scottchu.tw, the save function will be added in near future. Currently, you could go to Passkeeper to edit if you want to.
  10. Hi nogain, you could backup the User Data folder for the password and settings.
  11. Hi scottchu.tw, yes this request has been put up to the development team. This feature will be added in the near future.
  12. Hi scottchu.tw, this should be due to the webpage itself. Some website will reflect while some doesn't. Could you try on another website?
  13. Hi avegaweiss, thanks alot for providing the video We will forward it to the development team for them to look into this issue.
  14. Hi Perplexer, bug reported. We are unable to reproduce this on our end. Could you provide us with a video on this? Hi TarMaster, this bug has been reported. The development team is looking into it.
  15. Hi avegaweiss, does this setting applies to both of your screens? Or do you have another setting for the other screen?
  16. Hi Arcan, we have tested this issue out on our end but are unable to reproduce it. Could you kindly send us your crash data?
  17. Hi Toros37, this request has been recorded and the development team will add in the downloading function in the future version.
  18. Hi Perplexer, yes MX6 supports Windows 7. Could you let us know what problems did you encounter? It would be good if you could provide us with screenshots or videos so we could look into it.
  19. Hi thereddevilrulez, we have informed the development team on this issue and they will look into as soon as possible.
  20. Hi srahman, welcome to Maxthon community! Feel free to try out the latest MX6 browser and provide feedback/suggestions in this forum
  21. This is great! Thanks!
  22. Hi avegaweiss, may I know your scale and layout settings for both screens?