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  1. Hi FilipHorak, I will record your request for the team's consideration to add it back in.
  2. Hi FilipHorak, we have the save form function if you do a right click in the field. But if you are looking for auto-save details function, currently we do not support that.
  3. Hi FilipHorak, I am unable to view your screenshot link. Could you kindly attach the screenshot in your reply post directly? And for form history, do you mean the search history?
  4. Hi kghoops, right now you will not be able to turn off the passkeeper function. We will support this function in the future version.
  5. Hi June8, thanks for your reply. Could you send us a video on this issue again? I tried to check on your video in the previous post but couldn't see anything. Tried tested the issue out on my end but could not reproduce either.
  6. Hi Jus2021, could you disable all extensions and try again? Do you have the MX6 install version in local? Could you also provide us with your system information?
  7. Hi wOLVERINe, I have tested the website and did not experience any captcha issue. Could you download the latest version V6.1.3.901 and try again?
  8. Hi June8, may I know which version of MX6 are you currently using? Did this issue occur in all videos you have watched?
  9. Hi Chemodan, I have tried accessing the website in Maxthon, Firefox and Opera browser and it seems to load well on my end. It does takes a few seconds longer to load the whole page at my first try but it loads faster now and I could scroll all the way down to the end. Do you have alot of tabs opened at the same time?
  10. Hi migel, did you encounter the crashing of browser everytime you tried to change the search engine? If yes, kindly record a video of this issue and send it to us. We would also require the dmp files for this problem to look into it.
  11. Hi SpookyTheRapper, did you download the install version or the portable version? If you have downloaded the install version, you should be logged in to your Maxthon account by default and settings will remain the same. Our team will release a new version weekly to get bugs fixed and also to add in some features or functions requested by user if permitted.
  12. Hi ero35, understood. We will note down your request
  13. Hi ero35, this will be added in the future version. As of now, you could use the following website to download audio or video: https://yoodownload.com/ This is already available in pop-up video Do you mean resuming broken transfer? We have recorded this request for the development's team consideration.
  14. Hi zzxxhhzxh, this issue has been resolved in the updated version V6.1.3.901
  15. Hi Mr. SS, this issue has been resolved in the latest version V6.1.3.901
  16. Hi TarMaster, the development team is still looking into this problem. Appreciate your patience on this and kindly allow more time for them to solve this issue.
  17. Hi bobad1, you mean V6.1.3.900 right? We tried testing this issue out but could not reproduce it. Do you experience this everytime when you press "back" in youtube? If yes, please send us a video on this problem for us to look into it. Thank you.
  18. Hi alexzhus, kindly go into your user data folder and delete the "safe browsing" folder. Subsequently, close MX6 browser and re-launch it again for the change to take effect. You should be able to access the site after that. @grisp1 @Chemodan @JoeRee1968
  19. Hi SpookyTheRapper, welcome to Maxthon community Could you download and install the latest V6.1.3.900 and try it out again? And have you utilised the passkeeper function to store your passwords? This function could help to auto input your passwords to ensure a smooth login. And just to check, do you have any other extensions installed?
  20. Hi Paul Andrews, could you record a video on this issue so we could look into it?
  21. Hi DONG DONG, can I know which version are you using? Could you send us your crash report for us to look into it?
  22. Hi Paul Andrews, did you see a error message? Could you try to go to the bookmark manager and see if you could manually add in a bookmark?
  23. Hi migel, we have tested Zynga poker online and realised that this game takes up quite alot of memory upon entering. This was ascertain when we tested the game in firefox. Once entered website, the memory taken up hover around 40% or so. Did you open other tabs and had other websites running concurrently while playing the online game?