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  1. Hi TVGSTR, our apologies as the development team has some urgent task on hand. We have already flagged out this issue to them and they will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  2. Hi una00, this issue is due to the widevine drm licensing. We are in the midst of liaising with them and will try to get it up and working as soon as possible.
  3. Hi TVGSTR, we have reported this bug and the developers are looking into it. They will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  4. Hi Rainw, we have already feedback this to the development team. They will optimized this in the future version.
  5. Hi Luisoff, could you try out this issue in the attached test version and see if the problem persist? Chromium103.7z
  6. Hi TVGSTR, this issue has been fixed. Could you download the latest version V6.2.0.1101 and try again?
  7. Hi suphamster, we test on the link and could not reproduce the error. Could you try to disable all extensions and try again? And did you customize any settings in mx://flags?
  8. Hi Irbis9, could you try out this issue with the attached test version ? Chromium103.7z
  9. Hi Irbis9, this is a known bug and the developers will try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  10. Hi Chemodan, thank you for helping to test. The development team will look into it and try to fix it as soon as possible. Hi Magdalene, we have forwarded these info to the team and they will look into it. Thank you for your assistance to do the testing.
  11. Hi Rainman, thanks we will record down your request.
  12. Hi Rainman, is there any browser(s) that support these features? Do let us know so we could suggest to the development team.
  13. Hi alexzhus, lately our new versions are uploaded to an external website github.com for downloading; thus downloading speed should not be affected. Could you try to disable all extensions and download again? Hi TarMaster, the developers are looking into fixing this issue right now. They will try to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  14. Hi alexzhus, do you mean the download speed for the new version is slow or the download speed for other files is slow?
  15. Hi sajphon, can you show us a screenshot of your shortcut management in settings?
  16. Hi sajphon, you might want to change the shortcut command for snap region in settings so there wouldn't be any clash in the command.
  17. Hi sajphon, request recorded. We will forward your request to the developers for their consideration.
  18. Hi Toros37, the VPN feature should be activated once you select it while installing. You could go under Extensions to check; or choose to turn it off if desired.
  19. Welcome to Maxthon Forum @carmangaddis @firehawkv ! Feel free to download and install our latest V6.2.0.800 version and give it a try
  20. Hi Mhzayer, this function is already included in the right click menu for tab. You could also restore tabs by clicking on the drop-down list under the restore button.
  21. Hi DONG DONG, the team has already fixed this issue. Kindly proceed to update again
  22. Hi Botigta, QuickNote is actually part of Maxnote. You could open Maxnote from the top right menu or through the shortcut designated. You may assign the shortcut in Settings under Shortcut Management. You could also set other bookmarks folder as current QuickNote folder if desired. QuickNote can be accessed from Maxnote in android version. QuickNote is introduced to make it easier for user to take note through a shortcut. All data saved in QuickNote can be accessed in Maxnote.