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  1. 30 minutes ago, hidemyname_143 said:

    Hi Everyone!

    Newbie here! Thanks Maxthon for letting me in! 

    Hi hidemyname_143, welcome to the Maxthon Community! Do download and install MX6 latest version V6.1.3.1200 and give it a try! We welcome all feedback and suggestions from members :)

  2. On 1/15/2022 at 2:17 AM, TheWhitestOfFangs said:, regular/install.

    Also, moving stuff around caused some bug where a group of tabs was... frozen? and could be accessed.
    I don't know what's going on and I don't want to deal with it to be fair. It's just to messy right now.

    My suggestion is that you add this to MaxNote to allow it to be organized more easily / controllably. 

    Hi TheWhitestofFangs, could you download the latest version V6.1.3.1200 and see if the issue persist? If yes, could you record a video for us?

  3. 7 hours ago, TheWhitestOfFangs said:

    I usually don't change the list of tabs in the "New Tab", I try to keep it minimal.

    Today I added a new tab and wanted to move it (drag) into a group/folder of related tabs.
    What ended up happening is that all the tabs started moving around uncontrollably and to stop it I just dropped the dragged tab wherever it's box was.
    It ended with another link tab and formed a group. While trying to get the tab/link out of the group, again chaos ensued and the tab group ended up in another tab group. I tried to drag it out without the madness, but it just didn't get it out of the subgroup. Now it's chaos.

    How do we deal with this kind of mess?
    Could you add simple right-click options of "move up one level" or "Move into group" and such? Maybe add that management as a subsection of the MaxNote feature?

    Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, may I know which version are you using? And is it the install or portable version?

  4. 7 hours ago, JBond007agent said:

    Hi, BugSir009 

    yes, that's exactly what I think, but in MX5 it's okay to run both versions, so I'm wondering if it can't be switched or what the problem might be, I wanted to give the MX6 version, only these games don't work there, that's why I'm asking.

    Hi JBond007agent, I have just tried on MX5 and could not get the game started as well. Tried in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox but all could not startup either. So we believe this is not a browser issue but the app itself.

  5. 3 hours ago, JBond007agent said:

    Hi, BugSir009

    It didn't help either, still unchanged, in the end I had to let my mom have MX5 installed so she could play these games. If you can find out why it doesn't work and I'll be happy to fix it. And it does another version of Monster Buster HexaBlaster I've only noticed this in these games


    monster 01.jpg

    monster 02.jpg

    monster 03.jpg

    Hi JBond007agent, we tried out this game on Chrome browser as well and was unable to start the game too. Seems like it could be the game itself or facebook that had some restriction in place.

  6. 4 hours ago, Massor said:

    I confirm in the latest stable release ( the corruption in rendering (some) images is still present. Very annoying... 😒

    Hi Massor, can you let us know what kind of images in specific? Or perhaps from which website? If possible, could you record a video on this issue so that we could look into it?

  7. 10 hours ago, JBond007agent said:


    I have a problem to open the game Monster Busters, other versions of this game in MX 6 in MX 5 also work without problems. Opening the game I think on FB. Is there anything to set up?


    Please Help, thanks



    Hi JBond007agent, could you download and install the latest version V6.1.3.1100 and make sure all your extensions are disabled before trying again?

  8. 15 hours ago, suphamster said:

    Is there are any auto open file after download finished like in Chrome or Edge (when u click on downloading file) implemented and if not then why?

    Hi suphamster, currently we do not support this function. However, we will record your request for the development team's consideration to add it in for future version.

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  9. 16 hours ago, S1v said:

    Now there is "save form" menu item exist. But how to fill saved data into form?

     There is no such menu item, like it was in MX5.😒

    Hi S1v, you could double click in the form field box to have your saved details filled automatically.

  10. On 1/8/2022 at 1:39 AM, riky said:

    All websites as long as using MX6 with Background slideshow. I was just using google translate to show case what would happen when typing.

    Hi riky, could you install the latest version V6.1.3.1100, disable all extensions and try again if you experience the same issue? If issue persist, is it possible for our team to debug this issue with you remotely via Anydesk?



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  11. On 1/8/2022 at 7:22 PM, petol55 said:

    Как добавить вкладку на страницу быстрого доступа, в меню нет такой записи. 6920f6711eb5.jpgb8bed3f67644.jpg

    Hi petol55, you could add a website to quick access by clicking on "+" icon in the new tab page.



  12. 14 hours ago, user666777 said:

    Log from fresh start normal mode

    [12956:14024:0109/122914.938:WARNING:account_consistency_mode_manager.cc(65)] Desktop Identity Consistency cannot be enabled as no OAuth client ID and client secret have been configured.
    [12956:11044:0109/122914.979:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:11044:0109/122914.979:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:11044:0109/122914.979:INFO:login_database.cc(1044)] get key successed
    [12956:11044:0109/122914.979:INFO:login_database.cc(1076)] prefix is Mx6V01
    [12956:11044:0109/122914.979:INFO:login_database.cc(1082)] use mx6enc
    [12956:11044:0109/122915.012:WARNING:external_pref_loader.cc(315)] Expected a JSON dictionary in file W:\Maxthon\\default_apps\external_extensions.json.
    [12956:14024:0109/122915.017:INFO:mx_rest_service_mgr.cc(143)] MxRestServiceManager inited
    [12956:8788:0109/122915.019:INFO:vbox_manager.cc(724)] VBoxManager::DoReadVBoxData path:C:\Users\hans\AppData\Roaming\VBox\data
    [12956:8964:0109/122915.180:INFO:rest_service.cc(105)] ret:1,can not start MAXTHON_REST_SERVICE
    [12956:8788:0109/122915.251:ERROR:os_crypt_win.cc(93)] Failed to decrypt: Parameter incorrect. (0x57)
    [12956:14024:0109/122915.295:INFO:session_service.cc(502)] restored mxlastvisitdata of size 2
    [12956:14024:0109/122915.580:ERROR:webui_data_source.cc(108)] Webui to find not exist resource:js/datacode.js
    [12956:14024:0109/122916.130:INFO:vbox_manager_request.cc(300)] update vbox device: {"did":"20CFEE3DFC1734290E1A924C44A7195A27740000","ln":"en-US","plat":"win","sign":"9a7bdb0d5b82646ad2cf35c4313453d80f8735c70952173cbfcef09daa11006b","token":"etFP1h_QGWLsAlAuB0yus9:APA91bF-WJAP0e0dbP_vMyF1_tK_XQK7UQJvlH3xoolQbg2Ao2D6I5DsnJ19p-Zuu1FCSFXwcTq_tUkQ6UQx7wAmtFr68M7PSu7WXigbQkc09Rwaz6_AI1BgSLDlLPQI3GYP0xgRSA1V","ts":"1641727756130","vbox":[]}
    [12956:10108:0109/122917.240:ERROR:chrome_browser_main_extra_parts_metrics.cc(226)] crbug.com/1216328: Checking Bluetooth availability started. Please report if there is no report that this ends.
    [12956:10108:0109/122917.242:ERROR:chrome_browser_main_extra_parts_metrics.cc(229)] crbug.com/1216328: Checking Bluetooth availability ended.
    [12956:10108:0109/122917.244:ERROR:chrome_browser_main_extra_parts_metrics.cc(232)] crbug.com/1216328: Checking default browser status started. Please report if there is no report that this ends.
    [12956:10108:0109/122917.248:ERROR:chrome_browser_main_extra_parts_metrics.cc(236)] crbug.com/1216328: Checking default browser status ended.
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.264:ERROR:device_event_log_impl.cc(214)] [12:29:17.264] Bluetooth: bluetooth_adapter_winrt.cc:1075 Getting Default Adapter failed.
    [12956:7588:0109/122917.324:WARNING:mx_request.cc(108)] mx_request OnURLFetchComplete responsecode: -1 and error -105:net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED for https://stat.maxthon.com/point?action=crashup&cv=
    [12956:7588:0109/122917.325:INFO:mx_request_control.cc(82)] MxNetRequestCount:2
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.470:INFO:messages_control.cc(211)] OnFCMMessage type:1
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.470:INFO:messages_control.cc(212)]     message:token
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.470:INFO:messages_control.cc(213)]     extension:etFP1h_QGWLsAlAuB0yus9:APA91bF-WJAP0e0dbP_vMyF1_tK_XQK7UQJvlH3xoolQbg2Ao2D6I5DsnJ19p-Zuu1FCSFXwcTq_tUkQ6UQx7wAmtFr68M7PSu7WXigbQkc09Rwaz6_AI1BgSLDlLPQI3GYP0xgRSA1V
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.470:INFO:messages_control.cc(240)] FCM SetToken:etFP1h_QGWLsAlAuB0yus9:APA91bF-WJAP0e0dbP_vMyF1_tK_XQK7UQJvlH3xoolQbg2Ao2D6I5DsnJ19p-Zuu1FCSFXwcTq_tUkQ6UQx7wAmtFr68M7PSu7WXigbQkc09Rwaz6_AI1BgSLDlLPQI3GYP0xgRSA1V
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.473:INFO:messages_control.cc(199)] ServerMessagesControl::MessageCallback {"code":0,"info":"SUCESS"}
    [12956:14024:0109/122917.798:INFO:vbox_manager_request.cc(319)] update vbox device callback: {
      "code": 0,
      "msg": "Success"
    [12956:7588:0109/122917.825:INFO:mx_request_control.cc(82)] MxNetRequestCount:1
    [12956:7588:0109/122918.458:INFO:mx_request_control.cc(82)] MxNetRequestCount:0


    After that i run incognito mode

    [12956:8788:0109/122922.983:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.986:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.986:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.986:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122922.986:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.984:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1266)] get key for Maxthon Guest Profile
    [12956:8788:0109/122944.985:INFO:login_database.cc(1271)] get mx6 login data key for guest
    [12956:14024:0109/123004.425:ERROR:webui_data_source.cc(108)] Webui to find not exist resource:js/datacode.js
    [12956:7588:0109/123004.689:INFO:mx_request_control.cc(82)] MxNetRequestCount:0
    [12956:14024:0109/123007.143:INFO:mxsyncmgrimpl.cc(203)] sync type: 3 data changed
    [12956:12680:0109/123007.143:INFO:mxsyncmgrimpl.cc(450)] OnDataChanged sync type: 3 time:1641727807143

    Additional question:

    Why is maxthon looking for bluetooth?

    Hi user666777, could you kindly send us your compressed (zipped) user data for us to look into it? You could pm me the file if you don't want to share it here :)



  13. 11 hours ago, user666777 said:


    i've reported it more times thru feed back and the bug report on web. But i never got any reply. So i've decided to create account here and start this topic.

    It happened to me more times. Suddenly the quickaccess page is clear as can be seen in attached picture QA clear. If i just open the incognito mode all shotcuts are there. If i close incognito mode or whole MX the normal mode is clear again. Not even the settings button on bottom right side is working.

    I have no idea what happened and how i can reproduce it. And i have no idea how to make it back as well.

    Hope someone know what's happening and can help me how to get my shortcuts back?

    The only solution is delete MX a make a clean install. Reinstallation doesn't help at all. Just uninstall, delete all folders manually and install it again.

    QA clear.png

    QA incognito.png

    Hi user666777, are you using the latest version V6.1.3.1000 when you encounter this issue? If no, kindly install V6.1.3.1000 as attached and try again. Kindly make sure you disable ads blocker extension as well.

  14. On 1/6/2022 at 2:12 AM, riky said:

    I made this post at other topic, just make it an independent topic to share the experience and see any other have the same issue or just me.


    I have experiencing an issue with MX6 since its release and for all the versions. Almost give MX6 up because it is so annoying and don't see it got fix for any new version, and I don't find same issue on other programs or browsers. Just recently I may found the possible related cause and capture the video.

    The issue I am experiencing is that MX6 always switch out from top-level window after a period of time. For example, when typing words in MX6, typing will get cut out because MX6 window is not top-level window anymore (captured in video). Another example, when watching videos, using arrow in keyboard to forward or backward the video will not work because MX6 window is not top-level window.

    Now I found the cause may because I am using Background slideshow, and MX6 switch out from top-level window when Background slideshow picture change.



    (Same video link from YouTube if it doesn't work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6vzkgPjXQk&ab_channel=rikyxie)

    As the video show, I keep pressing "a" key and keep adding "a" in google translation website. At 0:10 of video, you can see the background picture changed; Plugin section of MX6 on the top-right corner seems refreshed at the same time, disappear and come back again; Even I still keep pressing "a" key, website stopped adding "a" and typing symbol in typing area disappear at the same time, because MX6 window is not top-level window anymore. At 0:18 of video, I need to use tab + alt to make MX6 back to top even though Windows still showing it on top (or left click on any part of MX6), typing symbol in typing area will show up again and I can press "a" key to add text again.


    The issue is neither related to plugins of MX6 nor anti-virus software as I already tried to disable or uninstall them all.


    Here is my background setting:

    Background: Slideshow

    Choose albums for your slideshow: (a folder of pictures)

    Change picture every: 1 minute

    Shuffle: On

    Choose a fit: Fit


    Please use my evidence to identify this issue, since it have been annoying me for so long. Let me know if your need any other info.

    Hi riky, do you experience this issue on other websites as well or just on google translate?

  15. On 1/6/2022 at 1:10 AM, Massor said:

    OK, but I don't want to go every time in settings and set a new default search engine, I just want them to appear all in the drop-down list in New Tab page and pick what ever I want from the list of my custom defined engines.

    Hi Massor, request recorded :)


    On 1/6/2022 at 1:10 AM, Massor said:

    BTW. Have you consider reintroducing the search box on the right of the address bar?

    We will record this as well.

  16. 10 hours ago, user666777 said:

    Hello, happy new year to everyone. I come from Europe (mostly) but lot of time i live in Asia.

    Im using Maxthon since MyIE. For me the best version was the one before last version of 2.

    Hi user666777, Happy New Year to you too! Thank you for your support and do try out our latest version V6.1.3.1000 and give us your feedback/suggestion :)