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  1. Hi Wisely, it could be one of the extensions that is causing the issue. Kindly disable all extensions and try to see if the problem persist.
  2. Hi caligula73, I will forward this to the engineers for them to look into it. Hi MichaelC362, thanks for flagging this out. Will feedback to the development team on this copyright date. Hi xxxxx, bug reported.
  3. Kindly do a force refresh (right click on the refresh button and select Force Refresh) for the page to work. Hi Massor, we have already recorded this request to the development team. Hi alexzhus, thanks will feedback this to the team.
  4. Hi cherey, thanks for informing. This is a known bug and the engineers are trying to fix it now. Hi cherey, thanks for reporting this. I will inform the development team about this and it will be optimized in the next version.
  5. + Added "set sticky title" to tab context menu+ Added "Select location" to QA weather widget* Optimised QA page* Optimised address bar auto-complete feature‒ Fixed "could not see complete update log" problem‒ Fixed "Downloader menu displayed in wrong position" problem‒ Fixed "Downloader showed after restoring main window" problem
  6. Hi Magdalene, could you provide your history log file so I could get the engineers to do a further check for you? And just to confirm, are you using the latest V7.0.0.1100 version?
  7. Hi rambo, do you see the attached message after uninstalling BrightVPN? And right after you see this message prompting, you could right click on the extension and select 'Remove from Maxthon'. FYI, to uninstall please go to Apps & features in windows > BrightVPN > Uninstall. Just to confirm, are you using the latest version V7.0.0.1100?
  8. Hi rambo, BrightVPN is actually an app. Does it still prompt even after you uninstall from windows?
  9. Hi saman_rm, could you disable all extensions and see if this issue persist? If it occurs again, kindly record a video so I could forward it to the development team for them to check on it. Hi xxxxx, request recorded.
  10. Hi alexzhus, thanks for the video. Bug has been reported and this issue will be fixed in the next version.
  11. Hi projektilski, this is definitely not forced ads but suggestions input. I have already feedback this to the product team for them to check and optimize it.
  12. Hi Refix2, the development team are still working on it. Please allow some time for them to optimize the widget.
  13. Hi MichaelC362, this has been feedback to the development team for them to look into it. Bug reported. Hi alexzhus, the positioning of the clear menu is a known bug and the developers are trying to get it fixed as soon as possible. I have tried tested this issue but am unable to reproduce it. Are you able to record a video on this? Hi saman_rm, are you using the installed or portable version? Does this happen often? Hi migel, could you let me know which page in particular?
  14. Hi MichaelC362, could you provide me with your IP address so I could forward it to the developers to check further on the weather widget issue? Hi Selçuk Subaşı, could you let me know which page in specific?
  15. Hi ßouЯock™ and Zura Chelidze, the translation issue will be optimized in future version. Hi phoenix-76, thank you and your requests has been recorded.
  16. Hi Wisely, did you experience this in the latest version? And in the chromium test version as well?
  17. Hi SirNasso, I am unable to PM you, maybe you have switch off the messaging function. If possible, could you provide me with your IP address so I could forward it to the developers and let them check further?
  18. Hi Wisely, I tried out this downloading through IDM and the attached is what was shown through the downloading. I have tried downloading alot of times and the window usually pop out once after I click on the link. Maybe you would like to disable other extensions and try out again?
  19. Hi phoenix-76, kindly click on the attached file to download the latest version. mx_five_pre_m6_google_play_mx6_18b9b3a_14930_7.0.0.5000_proguard_202301071504.apk
  20. Hi 30312516, request recorded. Hi Massor, request recorded.
  21. Hi Refix2, is there a specific website that you are facing the translation issue with? We tried tested it out on our side and translation seems to work well. As for the weather widget, kindly refer to my PM to you. Hi alexzhus, kindly refer to my PM for this issue. Thank you. Hi leeuniverse, this has been feedback to the development team and it will be added in future version.
  22. + Added Search Bar + Added mouse hover to switch tab - Fixed downloader show no content problem
  23. + Improved Theme and UI + Optimised page loading speed + Optimised Maxnote * Fixed some bugs
  24. Hi Wisely, could you try out this issue with the attached new chromium version and see if it occurs again? Chromium_108.zip