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  1. Hi MichaelC362, will forward your feedback to the team for them to work on it.
  2. Thanks DONG DONG, have forwarded your video to the development team for further check.
  3. Hi pedrofv8, thanks for providing the log file. I will forward to the development team for them to look into it.
  4. Hi MichaelC362, the developers fixed a bug and push the updated version subsequently. Yes the development team is working on updating the core and do be assured that when the core is updated, it will be updated with the latest stable core version at that point of time.
  5. Hi DONG DONG, is this based on the latest version? Could you kindly record a short video on this issue so I could get the developers to check on it?
  6. Hi LYM, maybe you would like with this latest version: Sometimes certain extension may hinder the function or feature of browser. So it is best to disable all extensions and try again.
  7. Hi Raniw, thanks for the data. I will forward it to the development team for further check. At the same time, could you download the install version and see if the same issue occurs?
  8. Hi Raniw, I have tested a few times on my side but could not reproduce same error. Did you do a clean install for the latest version?
  9. Maxthon PC beta * Optimize saving web images to remember the last saved type. * Update multiple language translations. - Fix potential freezes when closing tabs. - Fix the issue where the BrightVPN extension cannot be deleted. - Fix the issue with the mxnote pop-ups not being draggable. - Fix the issue with the ‘Features’ page opening the extension store incorrectly. - Fix the issue of inaccurate display/hide on the 'Features' page. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/
  10. Hi sc1, currently our browser offer the change of menu and build-in pages theme or other themes that are offered in chrome web store.
  11. Hi LYM, are you using the latest beta version? And have you tried disabling all extensions?
  12. Hi pedrofv8, have sent your log file to the developers and after checking through, they found that there are alot of bookmarks been erased. They have since restore the bookmarks and also added those new addition bookmarks in. Kindly try to sync and see if all are intact.
  13. Hi LYM, does the folder exist in the stated pathway? If folder does not exist then it will revert to previous saved folder
  14. Hi KSab, could you send me your log file? Hi alexzhus, have reported the bug to the development team and they will look into fixing it.
  15. Hi trump98, I have tried a couple of times and was able to sign out and sign in to Google account in MX browser. Could you disable all extensions and try again?
  16. Hi pedrofv8, seems like this syncing issue has been resolved for most users. Could you send me your log file again based on this latest version and then try restoring from local first?
  17. Hi projektilski, noted will inform the development team about this.
  18. Hi KSab, do you still encounter syncing issue? Could you try restarting the browser and see if the issue persist?
  19. Hi Mystral77, did you encounter any syncing error on your PC? If no, perhaps you might want to manually press on the sync button on PC and relaunch the browser on your phone. Go to the favorites folder and do a refresh to see if it appears.
  20. Hi projektilski, noted on this. Have informed the development team and they will look into it.
  21. Hi Cookie_Monster, this might be due to the dark theme you have selected in the settings. I will feedback to the team and let them know.
  22. Hi marcp39, could you send me screenshot of these issues so I could forward it to the product team for further optimization?
  23. Maxthon PC beta * Optimized Video Pop-up Toolbar: The toolbar remains hidden when using the space bar to pause and play, and the maximum width of the toolbar has been adjusted to match the width of the video. * BrightVPN Optimization: Incognito windows support the use of BrightVPN. * Optimized Full Video Download: Supports downloading smaller-sized videos. * Updated multilingual translations. - Fixed the issue where full video download pauses when closing the browser window. - Fixed the issue where the paste and go button in the search bar redirects to a blank page. - Fixed the issue with incomplete and incorrect sorting when importing bookmarks into Super Bookmarks. - Fixed the issue where the browser does not display when opening a URL with an external link after hiding the browser with the boss key. - Fixed the crash issue caused by downloading and installing .crx files. - Fixed the crash issue caused by fetching bookmark icons. - Fixed the issue of data loss in New Tab page settings. https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/ https://github.com/maxthon/Maxthon/releases/download/
  24. Hi pks01, the development team is already working on this issue and will try to rectify it by the next version.