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  1. Hi scottchu.tw, did you install any extensions? Could you try to disable all the extensions and try again to see if you experience the same issue?
  2. Hi BJL, may I know if you are using installed or portable version? Could you download and install the latest version V6.1.3.1300 and try again?
  3. Hi hidemyname_143, welcome to the Maxthon Community! Do download and install MX6 latest version V6.1.3.1200 and give it a try! We welcome all feedback and suggestions from members
  4. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, we managed to reproduce this issue on our end and has reported this bug to the development team
  5. Hi pks01, the development team has reloaded uu.me and you should be able to access it now
  6. Hi user666777, we can't say for sure now as it is pending further check from the development team. Do be assured that we will do our best to get it resolved in the next version.
  7. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, could you check under your clear browsing data settings to see if the box for auto clear on exit is checked? And if the clear cookies were checked for all time?
  8. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, did you do a clean installation for the update or an overwrite installation?
  9. Hi TheWhitestofFangs, could you download the latest version V6.1.3.1200 and see if the issue persist? If yes, could you record a video for us?
  10. Hi kvd71, you could go to Settings > Advanced > Video and Audio > Disable autoplay Make sure the checkbox of disable autoplay is unchecked.
  11. Hi TheWhitestOfFangs, may I know which version are you using? And is it the install or portable version?
  12. Hi JBond007agent, I have just tried on MX5 and could not get the game started as well. Tried in other browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Opera, Firefox but all could not startup either. So we believe this is not a browser issue but the app itself.
  13. Hi JBond007agent, we tried out this game on Chrome browser as well and was unable to start the game too. Seems like it could be the game itself or facebook that had some restriction in place.
  14. Hi Massor, can you let us know what kind of images in specific? Or perhaps from which website? If possible, could you record a video on this issue so that we could look into it?
  15. Hi JBond007agent, could you download and install the latest version V6.1.3.1100 and make sure all your extensions are disabled before trying again?
  16. Hi suphamster, currently we do not support this function. However, we will record your request for the development team's consideration to add it in for future version.
  17. Hi migel, the development team have fixed the issue. You could try going into the website and try logging in now @No.1MaxthonFan @Artee FYI
  18. Hi S1v, you could double click in the form field box to have your saved details filled automatically.
  19. Hi @migel @No.1MaxthonFan @Artee, thanks for flagging out this issue to us. We have already informed the development team about this and they are looking into it right now. The team will try to get the website up and running again at the soonest
  20. Hi petol55, we will record down your request
  21. Hi riky, could you install the latest version V6.1.3.1100, disable all extensions and try again if you experience the same issue? If issue persist, is it possible for our team to debug this issue with you remotely via Anydesk? AnyDesk.exe
  22. Hi petol55, you could add a website to quick access by clicking on "+" icon in the new tab page.
  23. Hi user666777, could you kindly send us your compressed (zipped) user data for us to look into it? You could pm me the file if you don't want to share it here
  24. Hi user666777, are you using the latest version V6.1.3.1000 when you encounter this issue? If no, kindly install V6.1.3.1000 as attached and try again. Kindly make sure you disable ads blocker extension as well.
  25. Hi riky, do you experience this issue on other websites as well or just on google translate?