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  1. Hi leeuniverse, the development team is looking into updating Chromium to the latest version. That being said, it'd be good if you could send us the video so the team could look into it (slow in loading/timeout) and try to find the root of the problem.
  2. Hi Wisely, could you send us the log files from the PCs that restore the settings to default?
  3. Hi TVGSTR, could you provide us with your account's email so we could do a further check? You could PM me your email address if you have privacy concerns.
  4. Hi scottchu.tw, could you download and install the latest version V6.2.0.1500 and try again?
  5. Hi skidude, I am able to open the link without any error message. Could you disable all extensions and try again?
  6. Hi leeuniverse, could you try to reproduce the issue and record a video for us? It'd be good if we could forward your video to let the developers check and look into it.
  7. Hi leeuniverse @Alpha07, did you turn on bright vpn or other proxy?
  8. Hi Cookie_Monster, we have tried both version 1100 and 1200 and it didn't work either. High likely yes. Due to their restrictions, our browser is not able to detect the picture as a picture thus quick save is not possible. Under dev tools, I see the following message: "ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" so this is solely due to the restrictions by the website. If you wish to download, you could consider using resource sniffer to download the picture.
  9. Hi Cookie_Monster, we tried the Quick Save function in V6.2.0.1300 based on the second link you have provided and it didn't work as well. We have tested on other photos by the same owner and same problem occurred. It could be most likely due to the owner's restrictions. Did you manage to use the quick save function in other versions for restricted photos like this?
  10. Hi iyk000, Maxnote can be synced once you log in using the same account.
  11. Hi Mapantz, we did reproduce the issue on our end and thus have reported it to the team for further check. Usually you should be able to click on the notification and it should bring you to the dedicated link upon clicking.
  12. Hi Poizon, the development team are looking into this bug. They will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  13. Hi Chemodan, did you record a video on this issue when it occurs? Could you kindly send us the video so we could look into it?
  14. Hi Poizon, we have forwarded your video to the development team. They are looking into it and will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  15. Hi Paultx2, this icon will appear when you stream a video or music online. It is a popup for you to control the video or music. Once you close the tab that is streaming, the icon will disappear.
  16. Hi Mapantz, we have reported the bug to the team for them to look into it.
  17. Hi Mapantz, may I know which version are you using?
  18. Hi Rainw, thanks alot for the video provided. We will forward the video to let the engineers do a further check. By the way, are you using the installed or portable version?
  19. Hi Raniw, could you disable all extensions and try again?
  20. Hi Ranviva, welcome to Maxthon forum! You may want to download the latest version V6.2.0.1300 of MX6 and try it out. Feel free to post your feedback/suggestion about the browser in this forum if there is any
  21. Hi TVGSTR, our apologies as the development team has some urgent task on hand. We have already flagged out this issue to them and they will try to fix it as soon as possible.
  22. Hi una00, this issue is due to the widevine drm licensing. We are in the midst of liaising with them and will try to get it up and working as soon as possible.
  23. Hi TVGSTR, we have reported this bug and the developers are looking into it. They will try to fix it as soon as possible.