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  1. Hi jinoman, welcome to Maxthon community! I hope you like the latest MX6 version and do provide any feedback/suggestion to us if there's any
  2. Hi Luisoff, welcome to the Maxthon community. Feel free to download this latest version and try it out
  3. Hi manpreetrockerji, welcome to the Maxthon community! We welcome you to try out the latest version of MX6 (V6.1.2.2901) and give us your feedback/suggestions
  4. Hi thereddevilrulez, thanks for your feedback. I will note it down and put up to the development team.
  5. Hi observer, we have already feedback this issue to the development team. In the meantime, you may wish to look at these extensions to see if it suits your needs. Tabs Outliner: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tabs-outliner/eggkanocgddhmamlbiijnphhppkpkmkl Cluster - Window and Tab Manager https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/cluster-window-tab-manage/aadahadfdmiibmdhfmpbeeebejmjnkef
  6. Hi thereddevilrulez, this is part of the tab bar optimization in this latest version. Do let us know how you would prefer it to be like so we could let the development team know and to optimize it along the way.
  7. Hi Runningwild, currently we do not support the function for user to disable spell check. This feature might be added in the near future. Yes you can. Just right click on the address bar and select "Always show full URLs" Hi beatreefs, could you provide us the website and file you have tried downloading so we could test it out on our end?
  8. Hi Toros, may I know if you are experiencing any issue for this function?
  9. Hi observer, this will be done to the current window you are in. Unless you select to group it move to a new window
  10. Hi observer, if you would like to group/ungroup tabs, you could select the tabs (press shift to select multiple) and right click to see the menu. Move cursor to 【 Move tab to incognito window 】 and click on 【 Move tab to new group 】Upon grouping, you could collapse or expand the list by clicking on the title/color code when required.
  11. Hi 15675297, could you try the install version and see if you experience the same issue?
  12. Hi MartinB, may I know which language have you selected under settings? And could you also let me know at which specific website did you encounter this issue so I could do further testing?
  13. Hi MartinB, does this happen only when you are using the browser? Does the same issue occurs when you are using other program?
  14. Hi Serick, may I know what issue did you encounter?
  15. Hi TarMaster, we are unable to reproduce this issue. Could you send a video on this to us?
  16. Hi avegaweiss, thanks for your help! We have forwarded it to the development team and they will look into it
  17. Hi scottchu.tw, did you restart the browser after changing the settings?
  18. Hi brian67, may I know at which website did you encounter this issue?
  19. Hi nogain, thank you for your suggestions. Requests noted
  20. Hi Toros, thanks for your feedback. We will note down your request and feedback to the development team.
  21. Hi rambo, thank you for your suggestions. We have recorded your requests
  22. Hi nogain, it seems that there were a few accounts in the screenshot you sent to us. It would be best if you were to backup all the folders.
  23. Hi rambo, yes we moved it to the submenu because there are users' feedback saying they tend to click on delete accidentally when on the main menu. These are the functions that were already in place. This is under 'Add to the new tab page' sub-menu.