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  1. (WTH is wrong with "Quote" here? NOTHING happens when you click it, and even when you highlight, right-click, and "Quote selection" that TOO doesn't even work!) So far, pleasantly surprised, I have yet to come across any websites where v5.3.8.2000 did not work. No problems (YET) at YouTube, or 'screwgle', anywhere. Of course at YT the frickin' "Download bar" doesn't work! So I had to install an extension (the ONE DAY https://extension.maxthon.com WAS working!), and that extension actually works at YT. It's "SaveTube" (with the "Violentmonkey" script).
  2. Actually, (my post above), after DAYS of STILL JACKING AROUND with this--only ONE THING remains on the status bar after you re-open and that's the "System info"! Now WHY the hell does that remain AS IT SHOULD (which I don't even need), and the frickin' "Zoom" function is VANISHES after each re-open??
  3. It doesn't work on v5 EITHER! Every frickin' time you close the browser then open again, everything on the "status bar" is GONE!