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  1. 8 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi there, this issue has been fixed in the previous Alpha version.?

    You can try to open the browser menu (Alt+F) > Settings > General > Import local data and HTML > Maxthon 5 (Guest).


    Currently, it only can import the history data from the Guest account. If you'd like to import the history from the registered account, you can press the keyboard "Win+R," run "%appdata%," find the folder "Maxthon5," then find the folder "History," use the file History.dat of the registered account to replace the history file under Guest account. Then you can import the history data by importing the data from Maxthon 5 Guest account.




    Thank you very much !!!

    The guest account for my mx5 installation (and folder in %appdata%) had been deleted, that's why even the maxton 5 (guest ) option was not showing up in the drop-list of available and installed browsers!    

  2. I am using mx5 ( ) and want to switch to mx6, just to try it. Have been using MX for more than a decade.  How can i import my whole history to mx6? 

    I can't find maxthon 5 as an option of available browsers on my PC, in the drop -down list , as it has been suggested in the thread below !! I've tried this method with the latest mx6 version  ( both 32/64 bits , installed , not the portable!)  and never my installed version of mx5 was found and recognized !! I am using win7 64bit ultimate.  

    Is this maybe because of this particular version of mx5 installed (  or what? Was this option working for the previous mx6 releases, what particular version to try ?   What combo of mx5/mx6 to try for this method to work ?     

    This very annoying  issue has been reported by other users too, i am not alone, please help!

    The "Import local data and HTML files" function will automatically read all the browsers installed locally. Please select "Maxthon 5" in the drop-down list