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  1. When I log back in after the message, nothing changes. But after a while this message is repeated again. However, you suggest: "... delete this account of this browser account and log back in." - does it mean to log in as another user, already under a DIFFERENT account? Then I will lose all my old data !? P.S. Today I deliberately tried to re-enter, but it turned out the third time: 1. Unsuccessful. The system is busy. 2. Unsuccessful. No connection (??? - it was!). 3. Ok.
  2. Thanks for the answer. Screenshot attached (in Russian). I didn't change my password. If I delete a login, will I lose my link settings on the start screen? I wouldn't want that.
  3. Maxthon At startup, the message "There were problems with your account. Please login again". The repeated input does not find errors, but after a while everything repeats. The account has a Basic profile without an avatar. What's the matter?