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  1. thanks for fix it, Maxnote need to optimize the display speed is perfect. Takes almost 10 seconds for 1 action, maybe it's overloaded with my PC ~~
  2. crashed Maxnote with me it was in all versions, I think because it is overloaded since I have more than 30k links and images (1GB) but not it is still with a clean version I really like Maxnote, it's like a place to save links without ads and offline websites, hopefully it's not my fault
  3. crash when trying to tap the Maxnote save address (My file) This is an error or Maxthon wants users to only use the chrome bookmark manager, looking forward to feedback Install and Portable Version (64 bit) 0305
  4. Hello i'm vietnamese i came here because i enjoyed maxthon with over 6000 hours online until it stopped I would love it if it continues Hope to have the status bar and sidebar soon Wish maxthon more and more development