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  1. After installing the font, it works properly. However, even when the font is not yet installed on your system, it is downloaded by the browser when the page is being loaded. There is maybe a problem when executing the related CSS rules... 11747 If that node is deleted, the text appears properly even if the font is missing.
  2. I tried changing the encoding to ISO-8859-1, but then some characters are displayed wrong. Portable version does not help either. I'm also from France if this can help.
  3. I did just perform a clean install and tried to reset the font. This is what I have now in the Mx settings 11721 However, the problem persists. I also tried to disable extensions and AdBlocks, but it has no effect.
  4. Hi, Sorry if the problem has already been signaled but I don't get any result after a quick search on this forum... On some websites, some words are missing. This happens only in Ultra Mode. The problem was already present in Mx and probably also previous versions. You can test it on for example. 11717 Thanks