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  1. Hello @BugSir006. Some of my bookmarks disappeared this morning. Is this version-specific issue or you're making changes at server side? What's going on? Is there a way to roll-back bookmarks? Thanks.
  2. Hello. Thanks for the idea. I made a few tests and found that the issue is related to the Torguard VPN extension - somehow it affects the way how login dialog loads.
  3. It's working fine in Chrome and Firefox (the page appears there only if I click "Cancel" in the login popup). I do have a few 3rd party extensions installed: Honey, Ad Block (disabled for the website) and Torguard VPN (off at the moment).
  4. @BugSir009, with this build I'm unable to login to my Netgear router, getting this message instead of standard account/password popup: