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  1. without the scroll bar, a folder in bookmarks with numerous entries, everything that doesn't fit on 2 panes has to be accessed through the "more" button, leading to a tedious process to view the rest of the folders' contents. This just doesn't make any sense! My workaround(until I can't stand it anymore):For those folders I know will have this problem I access them through bookmark management to begin with.
  2. when you click on the popup button, you get a smallish PIP screen lower right. click on that and it enlarges to full screen. HOWEVER, you can't jump forwards by putting the cursor on the screen as you could in mx5. There's a Fast forward button, but it doesn't work. Mx5 was much better.
  3. For me, loss of the status bar with zoom, split screen is a dealbreaker....unless that's fixed I'm going back to MX5!