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  1. Started getting the same issue (not sure if exact same as OP), but only after updating to - Self-closes on startup. Some times it may take 3-5 attempts to start without crashing.
  2. Does anyone have trouble with fullscreen mode on youtube? Some of videos (approximately every second one) become completely messed up in fullscreen like this. Or is it just me? Mx5 is ok
  3. I synced my stuff from 5 to 6 including passkeeper without issues
  4. Still something has to be done with that. At least settings option to manage these notifications like in mx5. The best case is some fake option to pretend like if you turned it on but actually not. Just for sites abusing this like - "turn on notifications in order to go on / download etc".
  5. Hi. My name is Nickolay I am from Russia. Been using Maxthon since myie and just decided to register.