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  1. Hi, 

    download option are inherit to chorme instead like MX5 an extra download manager are provided. 
    may i ask if the manager are removed? 

    another is that beta version update, is it really auto or manual update required? eg, 



    while the lastest update now is  V6.0.0.2700. i'm ok to update manually since its Beta version, but probably better to detect the version on the "about page" , rather not go to change log page to download the whole installer again. 

  2. Suggestion: Please do not take out the proxy option and inherit like how Chrome did. Firefox also having proxy selection option which i think is nice.

    Please consider include it back.

    Add function or extension for VPN option would be even great. 


    Suggestion on translation - can be done with extension as well of translate option. Meaning after typing text here, with a click button, (highlighted text) can do translate and put under where after my text.

    < my text>

    *** (translated to xx ) ***

    <translated text>


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