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  1. Heh! )) This is important not only for me, because many users have written about this before. If you're following the thread, it's been posted by a lot of users much earlier but never heard of. Now there are already very few of them left, because it is useless to write. There are only a few users left who often and constantly follow the development of the project here. These are the ones who are really fans of this browser and I am here too. I also use this browser for a very, very long time and I am also a fan of this product. And I care about him, and I really hope for good and convenient changes. Bookmarks - are one of the most important features in a browser. And Maxthon - is the only one who has always been very comfortable with it. He is the only one who is very comfortable in this work, and for this I love him very much! When you have a lot of bookmarks, max is very convenient and good in the 5th version, it can work with bookmarks, because they are all on the screen at once and the slider is very convenient! Everyone else doesn't have it, Maxthon - is the only one!!! In all others, it is a very uncomfortable tape down that you will scroll down until your fingers bleed. As long as you find the right bookmark by scrolling down, you can go crazy! In Maxthon 5th version it is very convenient to search for bookmarks! You just scroll to the right and look at the slider. Everything is great and comfortable! In the settings you can also sort by date added, by update time and by name. In the 6th version only by name. Again, bookmarking is a very important feature in a browser! And it is important NOT Only For Me, they wrote about it a lot and for a long time. (I don’t know why you write with caps, there are no blind people here!) If you have been following the project for a long time, you would have seen that a lot has been written about it before. (I hope I explained these thoughts well and clearly.) No need to "customizing a browser for one user"!!! It was already in the 5th version!
  2. It would be very good to update the 5th version. This is a very good, stable and very comfortable product! It’s very strange for me - why they didn’t take everything that is most convenient and good from there into the 6th version! Especially bookmarks, very convenient swipe to the right and sort by date added. The convenience of working with bookmarks is very important in the browser!!! This is one of the Most Important aspects in working with the browser!
  3. Unfortunately you are telling the absolute truth! It would be better if they updated the 5th version! I still use it myself. Bookmarks still cannot be done by scrolling to the right. Scrollbar disappeared and does not reappear. There is no way to sort bookmarks by date added, only by name.