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  1. Looking forward, fingers crossed!!!
  2. Right scroll bookmarks still not working! 😩
  3. Until now, the bookmark list is not scrolled, but only the button - "more". ?
  4. Unfortunately, everything remained the same. The list of bookmarks has not changed. ( The whole is not completely flipped, only the "more" button.
  5. + Adjusted the right-click menu of the tab and the bookmark bar VERY, MANY THANX!!! This is very convenient and faster! Only at the end of the list it says - "More", the rest of the bookmark list is missing (( In the 5th version, you can scroll through all the bookmarks further to the right the whole list...
  6. Is it possible to scroll through bookmarks as in the 5th version - landscape, and not a list? When there are a lot of bookmarks, it is Very Inconvenient and Long to scroll through the bookmarks in the list!!! When bookmarks are in the form of a landscape page, it is very convenient and many times faster! THNX!