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  1. In the bookmarks, scrolling to the right was never done! Still!!! Bookmarks are not fully synced! The latter are not added.
  2. I have already written more than 10 versions to them about it! No result!!! They are doing all sorts of nonsense, and this important thing cannot be done in any way! Therefore, I still use version 5. It is very inconvenient to use bookmarks without horizontal scrolling!!!
  3. Scrolling the bookmarks to the right is not done again. Is it really that hard to do it ?! I still use the 5th version and cannot switch to the 6th only for this reason. I see all changes of unimportant fixes in the changes, but you can't do such an important thing! How long can we wait for this important change ?! In order not to go in every time and spoil your mood with each new version.
  4. OMG!!! Scrolling through the bookmarks to the right was not done again! I wonder if this function will be implemented at least someday?! 😩