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  1. I've tried so many times already, pointless! ))
  2. There are no comments anymore, because it is useless to write and ask for something!
  3. Absolutely right! I forgot to say that an additional plus in horizontal scrolling is the slider, which you can jump directly to the end of the list of bookmarks. Vertical scrolling is absolutely inconvenient!!!
  4. I'm not the only one asking you about this. You have been repeatedly written about this earlier. The scrolling option that is VERY, VERY Inconvenient now!!! Scrolling in columns like in the 5 version is much more convenient! Both in use and in adding links, everything is much more convenient and orderly. In the form that it is now - it is continuous chaos! (Those who use this often and add a lot of links understand me perfectly!) Moreover, if the monitor is more than 24 inches.
  5. Please make bookmarks as in the 5th version by scrolling the columns to the right! How many times users are asking you for it! Highly! It is very inconvenient to use bookmarks as they are now!!!
  6. BugSir006 ))))))) you have been sawing the browser for a YEAR already !!! No sense! Guys, can you do something else? ))) No offense! ;)
  7. BugSir006 Could you try to click the Sync button? ___________ I click it on each version! Doesn't sync. And on version 5 in general, "History" does not work from 05.05
  8. Зорг, заебал ты! (В шутку) Я же не тебя дрочу, а их, чтобы дыры залатали!!! Cent браузер летает как лезвие, а этот - Тупой, бля, как валенок!!! Там не наши разрабы сидят? ))))
  9. In the bookmarks, scrolling to the right was never done! Still!!! Bookmarks are not fully synced! The latter are not added.