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  1. thanks BugSir006

    the passkeeper  is worked but is not completed!!!!!



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    2. jugurtha
    3. BugSir006


      Hi jugurtha, could you send your uid to me again? I can contact the engineer to clear your Passkeeper data of Maxthon 6. Then you can log in and import the data to Maxthon 6 again.

      Please launch the DbgView then open Maxthon 6.

    4. jugurtha


      my UID: 13585117

  2. hi,

    my UID: 13585117

    my email : masinisa89@gmail.com

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    2. jugurtha


      my ID in wultraviewer : 31 710 908

      password : 8642

    3. BugSir006


      Hi jugurtha,

      Sorry for the delay. We have cleared the Passkeeper data of Maxthon 6 for you. So we recommend you uninstall the browser, delete local data, reinstall the version v6.0.0.1600. Launch Dbgview, log in to this account UID: 13585117

      DebugView can record the error log. If the passwords data could not be imported properly please save the log and send it to us.

      Before you log in to this account UID: 13585117 please launch the DebugView.


    4. jugurtha
  3. I have entered the same account but my favorites have been synced butautosave is not syncronised. i have only one account in maxthon5 . i entered this account in maxthon 6 but syncronised only my favourites. i dont find my passkepper .
  4. Passkeeper is not synchronised for all beta version in maxthon 6 for me
  5. Hi

    What time is it connected here for TeamViewer ???