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  1. 13 hours ago, rambo said:

    And if you add status bar (with possibility to add there zoom +/- and diff. tools) - MX6 will be #2 browser in the world (after mx5) 

    To make it #1, all you need make maxnote old way.

    ( but "mute tab", "global mute" on status bar and "zoom" on status bar are more important for me personally) 

    Me Too, I really Hope That MX6 Can be Like MX5 with Chrome's Functions.

    I still Waiting for Side bar, Status bar, Mx5's Translation Box, Mx5's Mute tab.


    And Auto Refresh too .. Didn't Fixed yet ..

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  2. 4 hours ago, StormLord said:


    This download function is really missing and open in a separate window dont show timeline anymore this was really helpfull if adblock didn't do a thing





    Also i miss this simple window where i can acces all and not two separate buttons one to manage account and other to go to settings



    And i still cant find downlod manager i miss this one very much, it was the reason I used maxthoon that was really easy to manage were to save file with all saved locations. and mxdl file extension tooimage.png.7e6a00bf70e818854024fd998864aaa1.png

    And as was mentiond before I was able to click on speaker picture on a tab to mute tab which is much easer than right clicking it.

    I hope that all the functuionality from MX5 will be implemented some day, till then i guess I'll use MX5 and some other browser.
    Thanks for attention


    Yeah, I see Everything In MX5 is Perfect .. If they update him I'll back to use him Again ...

    Even The Downloader .. I can't change the name before i download ..

  3. On 3/8/2021 at 11:22 AM, BugSir006 said:

    I tried it but it's not good for me ..

    On 3/8/2021 at 3:41 PM, m007 said:

    I need status bar with zoom +- buttons on it and global mute, also where is mute on individual tabs?
    I believe you also missing "add to favorites" when you click star

    Yeah I hope so .. Side bar too

  4. Hello

    When will the new update come out ??
    I am facing many problems on social media because of that.
    First, Twitter, and now Instagram and YouTube.
    I am required to change my Instagram account password every time..While Twitter does not open, YouTube has become very strange and continues to tell me to make sure that I am connected to the Internet.

    My account is Stops every time I close and open the browser .. I don’t know if this is a problem with my account itself or the entire browser ..
    Knowing that this has never happened to me on the MX5 or any other browser.


  5. 6 hours ago, 13382058 said:

    Please can you add again the favorites function "Add to this folder" which was in Maxton 5, when you open a favorites folder to put the current tab, because it was really very convenient? and now it's really boring !!!
    Thank you.

    04-03-2021 14-30-47.jpg

    Yeah I told them too perviously, I hope they ut it Again ..