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  1. Me Too, I really Hope That MX6 Can be Like MX5 with Chrome's Functions. I still Waiting for Side bar, Status bar, Mx5's Translation Box, Mx5's Mute tab. And Auto Refresh too .. Didn't Fixed yet ..
  2. Can You Please Put Mute Function For The Tab only, Not All the site ? Some Times I wanted To Mute One tab but it Mutes All tabs in the same Site .. I want MX5 Mute Function.
  3. Now I can see Mx6 Nearing to be looks like Mx5 ..
  4. Please tell me, will we be able to see the sidebar in the future or not .. Even if not, I am not waiting and contemplating for nothing .. And Thank You.
  5. When we will be able to see, "Mark As Most Favorite" with red Color ?? I missed MX5 and his Functions .. Side bar, Status bar too...
  6. Aaah I'm So Upset .. Maxnote Not Easy Like MX5's Maxnote .. I need MX5's Side Bar & Maxnote .. ?
  7. Yes You Are Right .. We need that Side bar from MX5 Aaah It's Ok I Solved this problem ..
  8. I want to know, am I the Only one who can't Send Photo in The DM In Instagram ??? I try It In MX5 and Vivaldi And I can.. but In MX6 ... And When We will be able to see Side bar And MX5's Translation and Pop-up mode too ??
  9. I want to know, Why this happens ??? I just try to change folder's place !!! bandicam 2021-03-15 11-31-19-369.mp4
  10. Yeah, I see Everything In MX5 is Perfect .. If they update him I'll back to use him Again ... Even The Downloader .. I can't change the name before i download ..
  11. I tried it but it's not good for me .. Yeah I hope so .. Side bar too
  12. I did it And it's ok now, But I want to know when we will be able to see Side Bar in mx6 ??? And Seriously, Will we able to see it or not ??
  13. Hello When will the new update come out ?? I am facing many problems on social media because of that. First, Twitter, and now Instagram and YouTube. I am required to change my Instagram account password every time..While Twitter does not open, YouTube has become very strange and continues to tell me to make sure that I am connected to the Internet. My account is Stops every time I close and open the browser .. I don’t know if this is a problem with my account itself or the entire browser .. Knowing that this has never happened to me on the MX5 or any other browser.
  14. Yeah I told them too perviously, I hope they ut it Again ..
  15. I want to know is this Error in my Browser only ??
  16. There is no Download button, And when i try to download I can't .. Not Like MX5's Downloader.. I need MX5's Downloader .. 1262927364_bandicam2021-02-2213-02-10-233.mp4 1334656883_bandicam2021-02-2212-52-07-320.mp4
  17. Why can't I download from Twitter like I used to do in MX5 ??? MX6's downloader still not good like MX5's one ..
  18. And when i download photos i feel like i download file not picture, I hate this .. I need MX5 Downloader .. This is bad ~~~~~~
  19. Why Every time i download Pictures i have to choose the folder ? Why he changes the download folder every picture ??? And, When I close and open the browser, the theme I put by itself changes. ...
  20. No problem with other browsers except for MX5 too ..