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  1. I tried your suggestion, it does not work, see the picture.
  2. I cannot edit search engines' links. This is especially uncomfortable, as I do not want to use google.com.hk, but google.hu which is my countrie's search engine site. Even if I add this, I cannot select it. Very annoying.
  3. I changed theme, and the buttons reappeared. I have not thought, that theming can cause such problems. Thank you Sir.
  4. I attach the current top right corner of Maxthon and I attach a picture with the normal window buttons, just the top right corner.
  5. In the latest version window buttons (_, # and x) ) in the right up corner are missing. They are available in right click, still....
  6. When I start a new page, it takes more than 20 seconds to open it with my favorites and the usual staff. Always. Thx for repairing.
  7. Downloaded beta. A few remarks. When I close Maxthon, still Maxthon background processes keep running. I guess, they should not be running after closing Maxthon. Adblock extension has some problems in running or not when I press block one ad on this page option. Maybe, this is not Maxthon, just mentioning. In Passkeeper I cannot edit login name just password. That is all for now. Thanks.
  8. Just asking out of curiosity. I know it will be completely new and needs a lot of testing. Still. Will there ever be an MX6 release?
  9. So it is next month.... Should I be hoping? Or just change browser?
  10. When will mx6 be released? Mx5 is not updated, so ......