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  1. Hello! Thank you for answering so quickly!!! I want to change "Target URL" field (example: "http://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"), after I had already been entered it! Let's say I was downloading a file of 5 GB size and my download had been stopped by some reason! I would like to have the ability to renew downloading URL with a new one, when I get it from the downloading page (usually - from file sharing sites, like '', '', and so many others)! Because the old one (the URL address before interruption) is not active anymore! And even if I push "RESUME", I will not be able continue with the download precess (from where it had been stopped)! That's why I want to have the option to change downloading URL address (which is different from those one, which I had been entered before the interruption! Unfortunately there is no such an option!!!!! I would like to ask the developers team, to make such an option available, in the future versions of the browser!!! Thank you, again, 'karajan'!!!!! Peter
  2. Hello! How I can change an already chosen URL address for downloading something!? I would like to ask you to add such a possibility! It is so useful, especially when you have to download a big file (sizes of GBs)! Now (I am using Maxthon browser version, the browser does not have such an option! In current situation, If I am downloading one big file and the connection interrupts, I have to start the whole downloading process, from the beginning!!! I just like to have the option to change downloading address, after I have downloaded a part of my file! Thank you!!! Peter