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  1. I was able to login too. And also the crashes seems gone! Excellent work and many thanks!!
  2. It seems a bit worse for me either. Crashes are back (even if less frequent than the official release). Still not be able to login. I noticed that crashes occur more frequently when I'm scrolling the page and keep the finger on the screen (though sometimes they just happen for no apparent reason).
  3. It seems that crashes are gone on my device with this version. But I still can't login. Same error everyone else has.
  4. The most annoying thing is the login problem though. I can tolerate some random crashes (at least at the ratio they occur to me), but losing all favorites and passwords on mobile is much worse. Thanks a lot for all the efforts in any case
  5. I have all the issues Artee and Phoenix-76 said. I'm on Android 11 (Motorola Moto G 5G) and I can't login any more. It also crashes randomly somentimes 2-3 times in a row for apparently no reason, sometimes even if I'm just reading without touching the phone.