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Bug Comments posted by Sherry

  1. 1 hour ago, rick.lane said:

    I don't think BugMissoo6 understood your question. Multiple instances of Maxthon in task manager is perfectly normal as it is designed to keep the whole browser from crashing when just one item or page crashes. Version number doesn't matter as this has been this way since MX3, I believe. This is not a problem at all.


    Okay thank you.. I check task manager now and then and started noticing this and never seen it with my other browsers so didn't know what was going on. Now I do. Thanks again.

  2. Maxthon Version is and this has happened since I first got Maxthon a few months ago and before you told me to update to this version. I don't know how to do this .gif or video and I'm not doing anything before or after the problem occurs.. I turn my laptop on and open my browser and if I check task manager there are at least 5 of Maxthon in it. The memory in lowest is about 10,908 and top is 638,596.