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  1. Stuck with it for a bit, but I'm done now the constant refreshing makes youtube / facebook unusable bye maxthon you used to be good
  2. Appreciate your efforts to help - Im just a grump I know
  3. I wont bother, its just a web browser no need to do all that its not crysis or anything
  4. The reason I am annoyed is all these issues have been occurring over Quite a few releases now there are many posts about it.Ive just got tired of waiting The answer it seems is always either my hardware or try Mx 5. tried it hate it. Been a mx user since version 2 and seen it degrade with bloat since.
  5. facebook still constantly refreshing, passwords not filled in properly, hangs all the time, Takes ages to actually start . need i go on...
  6. This version like all is broken and doesnt work Sick of maxthon going to firefox