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  1. Dear BugMiss006 - sorry for not knowing your name... I wish to thank you for your patience and long support. The last action taken, solved the problem of crashing while printing a page/picture as a picture. With our mutual effort, the importance of the flash.ocx is revealed. This file name is changed when updating and hold the version date, therefor the link you sent to solved this problem, is very easy to implement. I will watch to Maxthon behavior in the next days and let you know if the other problems which I reported, are also solved All the best, and again thank
  2. Thanks a lot, I will try your suggestions and let you know All the best
  3. Hello, Do you have any support info regarding my question dated - Posted Wednesday at 2:45 PM ? Thanks
  4. Hקךךםת Regarding my post dated: Posted Sunday at 10:12 AM I would like to add that the missing program is: flash.ocx which is no longer included in my version of Windows (7 64 bit) Is this software essential for the operation of Maxthon and my be the reason to the problem I reported (Appears also after installing Max 5 beta)
  5. Hello again, I noticed two times including after installing the Maxthon 5 version, that I got the following message (See attached picture), I tried to look for a solution on-line, it but nothing found. Do you know about what missing Window's component? Maybe this is the reason for my problems? Thanks
  6. I don't like to use Beta sites. However I tried the Maxthon 5 and was disappointed because: 1. To find that I had to buildup all my last session tabs (I use around 30) it is not restored from my Max 4.9... To my opinion, the installation of Max 5 by a 4.9 user, should go smoothly keeping all the previous version info - Last session, history in addition to favorites 2. When selecting to import data from Max 4.9 - I was waiting around 7 hours and the wheel keeps turning... No history kept... 3. the most problematic to my view was that the number of tabs shown (On my 4:3 monitor),
  7. Thanks, I use windows 7 64 bit professional, I cleaned the cache, my disks are not full
  8. Hello, My Maxthon encountered fatal error and closed Sending crash folder zipped MaxthonCrashData.7z
  9. Thanks, I switched the forum page from Retro to Ultra and now I can add comment and the Header is OK. - So, the problem is only in Retro mode.(I changed to Retro due to the problem with facebook, mentioned herein in paragraph 5) I checked the User Experience Improvement Program to participate As I wrote, the issue with the save as picture still exists with the version Also as I wrote on 5.10.16 - I would like to summarize the problems I face with ,Maxthon 4.9 1. As started, the browser crash when trying to save as image. 2. After some worki
  10. As I wasn't able to find a direct download link from Maxthon, only via second hand providers therefor I used first the FILEHIPPO provider. Attached is the two screen-shots from my LOG_FILES at NOD32 and another from the quarantine when in the first installation from FILEHIPPO I allowed the NOD32 to remove it and that the installation failed. Afterward I use another provider - FILEHORSE and took a risk continuing the installation - you may see my anti-virus alert also for that provider
  11. Hello again, 1. can't find the file snap_screen.config on my computer, in which folder I should look for? 2. I install version - same crashing problem, in addition the Forum tab is shown corrupted at the right top corner - the links/symbols of create, notifications and messages not shown and I can't add new post to our conversation - I am communicating now via Microsoft IE... 3. My NOD32 anti-virus is claiming that during last version installation and
  12. Thanks, 1. Didn't try yet version When looking in my version ABOUT option it writen that I have the latset version, will try later 2. Will made all your instructions, try and let you know All the best
  13. I would like to summarize the problems I face with ,Maxthon 4.9 1. As started, the browser crash when trying to save as image. 2. After some working time, the windows became black and I need to refresh-all which sometimes helps and sometimes I need to close the browser and start again 3. From time to time the browser freeze or crash and restarts my computer - In such a case, my Last-session disappears although it is appears in the setting startup list but I can't use it and need to build my multiple tabs from the beginning using History 4. In such a case (after crashin
  14. Hi, I returned to version and the saving as image problem was solved Also solved the folowing problems: 1. Suddenly the tabs became black and I have to refresh all tabs or restart maxthon 2. Very slow show up of the favorites when selected However, I already got used to the 4.9 version and will appreciate to get an indication when this problems will be solved on the newer version Also, for now I can't connect/reconnect and therefore I am working off-line and can't synchronize my data on the cloud Thanks
  15. The crash report: {"deviceid":"9219B653AFC99690AF6659D99EA0894E27740000","uid":"30135312","usertime":3229,"cv":"","l":"en-us","pn":"max3","maxthoninfo":"Maxthon.exe%20=%
  16. When trying to save an expanded picture from Instegram or save a web-page, as an image, the browser crassed. both in Ultar and Retro modes. I will appreciate any assistance Thanks .i.e. while trying to save as an image, browser crached. While saving as a file, it is OK
  17. Adobe flash I cleared the cash - actually it is selectted to clear when closing the browser. It seems that the browser is slow only on startup - maybe because I have multiple tabs (33) And what about the browser crashing when I try to save a web-page as an image?
  18. Thanks a lot for your assistance, now after installing the right flah, both audio and video are playing well both on Retro and Ultra modes. But now I am facing a slow response of the browser to opening web-pages, and other actions I made such as marking mail in Gmail, etc. also when trying to save an expanded picture from Instegram or save a web-page, as an image, the browser crassed. I am going to check it now with Retro mode. I checked in Retro mode, but the browser continue to crash, eigther in Retro or Ultra modes. If you know how to solve this new problem, I will app
  19. Hello, problem solved - Maxthon is a Chrome-based browser, therefore it is required to install the flash player that is the latest for chrome - while in the adobe flas download site, it is required to select Need Flash Player for a different computer? and then to choose FP23 for Opera and Chromium PPAPI and not FP23 for Firefox NPAPI or Internet Explorer Active X versions for your selected operating system. It is pity that there is no one flash that handles all the above browsers...
  20. Hello, I am using Maxthon with windows 7-64 I have the latest adobe flash - When I am watching a web-page that have both - embedded videos from Youtube and Vimeo and also streaming audio using mplayer2 (media-player), I faced the following problem: 1. When in Ultra mode, all videos are playing well but when selecting link to audio file, I got an unrecognized plug-in situation and nothing heard 2. When I switch to Retro mode, the audio files are playing well but the videos not How can I play both